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Overly Ripe Avocados? Try This Homemade DIY Avocado Face Mask

The skin care industry is constantly surprising us with new ways to treat our skin. Whether you’re trying to add some hydration, treat any breakouts, or reduce visible signs of aging, there are many secret ingredients and special techniques that can target any “imperfections” you might have. But there’s one surprising ingredient that’s making a […]

July 13, 2020 By



Step-By-Step Facelift Contour

April 14, 2022 By City Beauty Team

When you hear the word “facelift,” I’m sure you instantly think of a surgical procedure. And while surgery may be a great option for some, there are other (often more affordable) ways you can achieve a similar look without needing to go under the knife. Read the full article here and learn this 5 minute […]

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Skinimalism: How to Master This Beauty Trend

December 27, 2021 By City Beauty Team

What is Skinimalism? Skinimalism is a huge trend that is all about letting your natural beauty shine through and feeling confident in your own skin. No more filters, no more tuning faces, no more applying layer after layer of makeup. Skinimalism embraces the natural, easy, #NoFilter confidence of skipping makeup and letting your skin speak […]

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Get Angelina Jolie Lips in 8 Simple Steps

December 19, 2021 By City Beauty Team

The Secret to Angelina Jolie Lips Angelina Jolie is known as one of the most beautiful women in Hollywood…Whether she’s wearing couture on the red carpet or in sweats with her kids caught by the paparazzi, she always looks good. And her signature trademarks? Effortless glam, strong features, and, of course, “Angelina Jolie lips.” But […]