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Get Angelina Jolie Lips in 8 Simple Steps

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The Secret to Angelina Jolie Lips

Angelina Jolie is known as one of the most beautiful women in Hollywood…Whether she’s wearing couture on the red carpet or in sweats with her kids caught by the paparazzi, she always looks good. And her signature trademarks? Effortless glam, strong features, and, of course, “Angelina Jolie lips.”

But not all of us have her movie star cheekbones, vivid eyes, and plump Angelina Jolie lips — and that’s ok! You can take Angelina Jolie’s philosophy and accentuate your own features along with some movie magic makeup artist tips to give yourself full, statement-making, attention-catching Angelina Jolie lips.

The Power Behind Angelina Jolie’s Signature Look

Whether dramatic and bold with a bright red lip, peachy and warm with some bronzer and highlight, or sheer brilliance with a shiny nude lip, Angelina Jolie always looks stunning. Here are some makeup tips to give yourself your own Angelina Jolie lips and boost your confidence along the way.

8 Easy Steps to get Angelina Jolie Lips

Step 1: Exfoliate


The skin on your lips, just like the rest of your skin, should be exfoliated two to three times a week. Now, the skin on your lips is very sensitive skin, so you need to be incredibly gentle with your exfoliation tactics. Here are three gentle methods to exfoliate your lips:

  • exfoliating lip sugar scrubTake a dry, soft bristled toothbrush and rub it in small, even circles across your lips. Do notpull your lips with the brush, simply graze the surface of your lips lightly.
  • Use a sugar lip scrub and again, gently, rub it in small circles on your lips and rinse it dry.
  • Wet a washcloth in lukewarm water and lightly rub it across your lips in short little dabs.

Exfoliating your lips will leave a clean, smooth surface — the perfect canvas for your Angelina Jolie lips.

Step 2: Nourish

Once you exfoliate your lips, slather them in moisture to give them the hydration they crave. The benefits of this step are two-fold: it moisturizes your lips and also forms a protective barrier for the newly exposed lip skin. Pick your
favorite ultra-hydrating lip balm and use it to nourish your lips and seal in that moisture.

Also remember hydrating your body hydrates your skin — including your lips! So make sure you’re drinking plenty of water and eating water-rich foods that will keep your lips looking and feeling soft, supple, and smooth.

Step 3: Prep & Prime

Whenever you’re attempting a new makeup look, the most important step is starting with a clean slate. This gives you a fresh, neutral base that allows all your colors and techniques to pop. Once you’ve exfoliated and nourished, make sure your lips are clean and dry. If you still have a bit of your hydrating lip treatment on your lips, simply dab off the excess with a tissue.

moisturizing lip treatment

An optional step here is to prime your lips with a primer, concealer, or foundation. This can neutralize any natural color on your lips, help your lip line look more defined, and help the liner and lipstick applied later to stay put. Primers, concealers, and foundations aren’t formulated for your lips, so if you prefer to skip this step, go right ahead. It can be a boost, but it is not necessary to give you the Angelina Jolie lips you crave.

Step 4: Line

Pick a lip liner that matches your lipstick. In small, short strokes, line your lips. If you want your lips to appear fuller, line just outside of your natural lip line. Careful with this step! A subtle line outside your lips will give the illusion of naturally plump lips, but go too far and your lips may look obviously overlined.

lip liner for older womenPay special attention to your cupid’s bow and bottom lip, and make sure you line all the way into the corners of your mouth. Keep your line thin and stick to those small strokes to avoid heavy “clown lips.”

Step 5: Fill

Now grab your
favorite lipstick, glossy or matte, and fill in your lips. Apply in light, feathered strokes, but don’t be shy. Angelina Jolie lips will pop with full coverage! Make sure to go all the way to the liner, but not beyond it.

lipstick for older women

City Lips® Matte, $35
Step 6: Highlight

When it comes to a lipstick look, most people stop there, but if you want professional-looking, celebrity-makeup-artist Angelina Jolie lips, highlight your lips! Select a highlight one shade lighter than your skin and apply it around the edge of your lip liner, most concentrated above your cupid’s bow and below the center of your bottom lip. Then BLEND. The key to highlight is keeping it subtle. Blend out the highlight and it will make your lips appear fuller and rounder and as if they are popping off your face.

Step 7: Contour

What is highlight without contour? This is not just a trick for accentuating cheekbones, you can contour every part of your face, including your lips!

Angelina Jolie’s lips have a very distinct line down the center splitting her bottom lip into two lobes. It looks as though her lips are so incredibly full, they can’t be contained by her face! You can achieve that look without fillers or injections, but with contour.

Take a lip liner a shade or two darker than your lipstick. Draw a line down the center of your bottom lip. Blend it. Blending is the difference between success and failure when it comes to contour and highlight. The contour will give you the appearance of fuller lips practically bursting at the seams.

Step 8: Shine

A shiny gloss will always make your lips look more full. The reflected light in the gloss makes your lips appear bigger and more voluptuous. Use a
plumping lip gloss to really take it to the next level.

moisturizing lip plumping gloss

City Lips®, $35

One tip to make that shine work even harder is to dab it on the center of your top and bottom lip. This will make your lips appear more full and pouty. 

Shine doesn’t just apply to the lip gloss. If you want the full Angelina Jolie lip, you need to shine from the inside too. So check yourself out in the mirror. How great do you look? You’re glowing! 

Avoid Traditional Lip Plumpers and Suction “Miracle” Products

how to get angelina jolie lipsThere are all kinds of products and internet trends claiming to plump your lips without fillers or surgery. However, no product is going to permanently enlarge your lips like a lot of these claims state. But with the application tips and light scattering tricks you just learned, you can make your lips appear fuller,
without all that. 

Most lip plumpers on the market use irritants to inflame the lips and temporarily make them appear bigger. Best to avoid any irritants when it comes to your sensitive lips. Instead, use a lip plumper with rich hydration, peptides, and conditioners to visibly plump and smooth the lips. 

There are also popular suction tools that claim to plump your lips. A famous influencer almost convinced the entire world that suction tools were the secret to her newly full lips, but eventually the truth came out and the truth was lots and lots of filler. These suction tools dangerously restrict blood flow to the lips, the idea being that when you take them off, blood rushes to your deprived lips leaving them bigger and fuller. However, this causes trauma to your lips and prolonged use can leave permanent damage. Plus, the fullness achieved doesn’t even last an hour. A lot of risks for a very temporary boost. Skip the suction tool and stick with the makeup tricks that work and don’t cause damage.

Have you ever Dreamed of Having Angelina Jolie Lips?

Hopefully this guide can make that dream a reality. Achieving Angelina Jolie lips is more than just a makeup hack, it’s embracing your features and accentuating them with confidence. Angelina Jolie always looks like herself and comfortable in her own skin. Her power to pull off any look is her confidence and self assuredness. It radiates from her regardless of how much makeup she’s wearing and it can radiate from you too.
Self confidence is my number one makeup tip. Dare to be bold, show your confidence…and a little lipstick too. Are you ready to try? Comment below your favorite shade of lipstick! 

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