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3 Easy Steps To Prevent Tech Neck At Home

It’s no secret that the overuse of technology can take a toll on our minds and bodies. But did you know it can age your skin, too? If you’re someone who struggles with neck stiffness and pain — or if you’ve ever looked in the mirror and noticed deep horizontal lines across your neck — […]

January 21, 2022 By

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Get Angelina Jolie Lips in 8 Simple Steps

December 19, 2021 By City Beauty Team

The Secret to Angelina Jolie Lips Angelina Jolie is known as one of the most beautiful women in Hollywood…Whether she’s wearing couture on the red carpet or in sweats with her kids caught by the paparazzi, she always looks good. And her signature trademarks? Effortless glam, strong features, and, of course, “Angelina Jolie lips.” But […]