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This Bare Faced Trend Could Help Your Wrinkles Disappear

December 29, 2021 By

When was the last time you wore makeup? Some people can’t imagine going a day without it… others love a bare face, and haven’t worn makeup in years. But most skincare researchers will tell you, going bare-faced is one of the most effective beauty secrets out there.

You may have even heard dermatologists recommend wearing less makeup to help clear up a blemished complexion… and it often works wonders. But skipping face makeup two to three days per week can significantly improve your skin at any age. In fact, going au naturale might be one of the best “anti-aging” tips (that’s often forgotten).

Let me explain… 

Going Bare Faced Lets Your Skin Breathe

Makeup can be beautiful, creative, and empowering… but it also has drawbacks. One problem with many makeup formulas is they’re comedogenic, meaning they can clog your pores — and make them appear
larger. Which is ironic, since makeup is often used for the opposite effect — to make pores disappear! That’s because most makeup today is made with thick, oily ingredients. 

Once you start wearing less face makeup, you’ll notice your pores visually shrink. So, when you do wear makeup, you’ll use a lot less product.

Another problem with frequent makeup wear are the toxic ingredients used in most cosmetics — like sulfates, parabens, and formaldehyde. These ingredients are often the cause of seemingly random irritation — redness, discoloration, and uneven skin tone. Not to mention, they can dehydrate your skin… causing it to produce extra oil to compensate for the dryness.

So, if you’ve experienced oily, irritated, or patchy skin — your skin might be crying out for less makeup in general. Now, even if none of that describes you, you’ll want to pay close attention. Because going bare-faced just a few times a week can do more than clear pores and restore hydration… 

Going Bare Faced Can Even Minimize the Look of Wrinkles

Skin specialist Dr. Esho explains… 

“Parabens from makeup accumulate throughout the day within the pores and the outermost layers of the skin. This accumulation can lead to the breakdown of collagen and elastin in the skin (the things that make our skin look youthful).” 

Plus, keeping your skin bare allows for better cell turnover2 — the creation of new cells that keep your skin looking young. It’s pretty clear — wearing makeup daily can be damaging and aging to your skin. But makeup itself is only half the problem…

bare face skin for wrinkles

Going Barefaced Eliminates Makeup Removal Damage

Special makeup wipes and cleansers often contain alcohol and harsh ingredients that absorb into your skin and dry it out. And the aggressive tugging and pulling that comes along with these removal methods can
weaken skin that’s already delicate to begin with. Ultimately, removing makeup improperly can intensify fine lines, wrinkles, sagging, and a whole slew of other skin issues.

And while it’s not realistic for most women to stop wearing makeup altogether… What matters is paying attention to the ingredients in the makeup you’re using and how you’re removing it. If you do wear makeup, look for “clean” makeup that promotes healthier skin from the inside, instead of just covering it up.

makeup removal pores

Even If You Don’t Wear Makeup, Treating Your Skin Right is Still So Important

Because a healthy, radiant complexion is the best way to let your beauty shine through. And you deserve to look in the mirror every day, without wanting to hide or change a single thing.  

Which is one of the reasons so many people enter the skincare industry in the first place… To help others turn their skin into a beautiful canvas they can show off with pride.

And I want to share with you… 

3 Ways to Make the Most of Your ‘Bare Face’ Days:

But first, let’s go over the benefits of skipping makeup one more time:

  • Minimizing wrinkles for a youthful appearance
  • Helping you avoid dry, rough skin from toxic ingredients
  • Shrinking the appearance of pores for a more flawless look
  • Cutting down on damage from makeup removal

Amazing, right?

Okay now, let’s dive into those three tips.

Step 1: Prep for Success the Night Before

Doing a ‘bare face’ day isn’t just meant to liberate your skin. It’s also meant to help you feel content in your natural beauty. So my number one rule is to start the night before! Of course that means taking off your makeup… But also being super thorough about your entire night time skin care routine.

Adding in a special treatment or two can also boost your results. After cleansing your face, try out this luxurious sheet mask — Line-Smoothing HydroMask.

It’s a bio-cellulose sheet mask designed to saturate each layer of the skin with an intensely hydrating, “plumping serum.” And it’s so powerful, this mask can help visibly minimize fine lines, and reduce the look of wrinkles. So when you wake up, you’ll already notice your skin looking more supple, springy, and plump.

mask for clear skin

Line-Smoothing HydroMask, $60

Then, after applying the rest of your serums, finish off with an overnight sleeping treatment — Microbiome Night Mask.

Microbiome Night Mask is essential to getting your skin to look even and hydrated by morning. You see, this sleeping mask uses both prebiotics and probiotics to balance the bacteria on your skin… helping boost your rejuvenation functions! For skin that looks more even, hydrated, supple, and smoother.

Step 2: “Highlight” Your Imperfections

look good bare face no makeupNothing says youthful like bright, glowy skin. So, before starting your bare face day, I suggest putting on your most illuminating skin care.

Start with Line-Blurring Wrinkle Filler, to create a blurred, smooth look on fine lines and wrinkles. And with real Diamond Powder, this formula is incredible at instantly illuminating the shadows in your skin for a diffused, even effect.

Next, finish off your entire look with something not only to protect your skin, but to help it look flawless all over… 

Step 3: Accentuate Your Best Features

It’s important when you have a no-makeup, bare-faced day to focus on your best features.I’m talking about those stunning eyes and beautiful smiles!

Because although you might look in the mirror and fixate on wrinkles, fine lines, and age spots…I promise, those are simply details everyone else is glancing over.

So, first, let’s start with the lips.

Now, instead of using a generic lip balm— with drying agents that make you constantly re-apply… try an advanced lip treatment like City Lips.

City Lips uses Hyaluronic Acid and Oligopeptides to deeply hydrate, visibly smooth, and plump your lips all at once. So your lips can instantly look fuller, smoother, and younger while nourishing them with the best ingredients.

natural plumping lip gloss wrinkles

City Lips®, $35

Next, focus on the eyes — or lashes to be more specific. In order to help your lashes look thick, full, and youthful, I highly recommend using City Lash.

City Lash is a nourishing formula that naturally supports stronger lash strands and rejuvenation at the root of your lashes. So, while this one might not be instant — the results will be worth it. Before you know it you’ll have visibly longer lashes that youthfully frame your entire face. And you’ll find yourself needing to wear less and less mascara. 

Maybe you’ll feel even more comfortable with making these ‘bare face’ days more frequent. Regardless of how often you do or don’t wear makeup, what truly matters is how you feel on the inside. And remembering that you deserve to take care of your skin, so your most beautiful self can shine through.

If you enjoyed reading, feel free to share this with a family member or friend! And if you learned something new, tell us about it in the comment section below.


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