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The Enviable Skin Care Routine of Charlotte from Sex and the City

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Undeniably one of the chicest characters on television, Charlotte from Sex and the City is the ultimate girly girl. She’s always dressed to the nines —and for her, no dress is too pink, no ruffle is too much, and no inch of her skin goes unpampered. Charlotte is the “picture perfect” woman we all wish we could be sometimes. But avid viewers of Sex and the City and its new spin-off series, And Just Like That, know Charlotte is so much more than a girly girl. She is a fierce friend, modest, smart, graceful…and yes, obsessed with perfection to an unhealthy degree. Undoubtedly, that obsession bleeds into her skin care routine. And if you’ve seen how great her skin looks episode after episode, it’s no surprise. So, what products would she use to maintain her radiant, youthful-looking skin? Keep reading for a behind-the-scenes, step-by-step guide of Charlotte’s skin care routine based on what we see her use on the show.

Who is Charlotte from Sex and The City?

Of all the characters in
Sex and The City, Charlotte is the most likely to have a book on etiquette. She minds her Ps and Qs and holds herself to a high standard. Knowing everything we know about Charlotte, she doesn’t scrimp or take shortcuts anywhere, least of all in her skin care. And while she is a busy mom providing every opportunity for her kids, she still manages to make time for herself. Charlotte is the kind of woman who wouldn’t dare be seen with a hair out of place or mascara sweating down her face. So here’s a beginner-friendly breakdown of what we think Charlotte’s impeccable skin routine would be — from morning to night and the touch-ups in between.

Charlotte’s Morning Skin Care Routine

Youth Rejuvenating Cleanser
Charlotte would definitely start her morning with a gentle cleanser to refresh and revitalize her skin without stripping her skin of its natural oils. Based on the appearance of her skin, Charlotte knows the secret to youthful plumpness is preserving as much hydration and moisture as possible. Youth Rejuvenating Cleanser does just that and works for every skin type! So, we wouldn’t be surprised if Harry, Lily, and Rock are always stealing it out of Charlotte’s bathroom.

City Lash – After cleanser, Charlotte’s next step would have to be a lash treatment. Charlotte would love this nourishing formula that uses an effective blend of peptides and botanical extracts to naturally support and revitalize hair at the root for stronger, thicker, longer-looking eyelashes. While Charlotte would never leave the house without makeup, she favors a subtle look. She has mastered the art of looking done up without ever looking overdone.  City Lash would allow Charlotte to keep her lashes looking full, thick, and long — without layer after layer of mascara.

Ultra-Firming Dry Oil – While waiting for City Lash to absorb, Charlotte would focus attention to her neck and décolletage. Based on the scene below of Charlotte in her bathroom, we know Charlotte uses Ultra-Firming Dry Oil, and it’s not hard to see why. The oil hydrates deeply and absorbs quickly, leaving a smooth, dry finish while reducing the appearance of wrinkled, crepey skin. Crepey skin was a looming fear for Charlotte in the original Sex and the City, but now that she’s armed with the right products, she’s not losing one more wink of sleep over it.

Eye Revive Firming Serum – Speaking of sleep, Charlotte is an incredibly busy mother of a teenager and a tweenager. That alone means she doesn’t get much sleep. But on top of that, we also know she volunteers and is a board member at the Metropolitan Museum of Art. How she does all that without a hint of a dark circle under her eye is thanks to something like Eye Revive Firming Serum. It would help Charlotte keep the skin around her delicate eye area looking firm and tight, reducing the look of fine lines and wrinkles.

UpLift Firming SerumSchool dropoff is not just a necessity of Charlotte’s life, it’s also a social occasion. Charlotte wants to impress at school drop off, so she would love this ultra-concentrated formula designed to help skin look firmer, smoother, and more lifted within 30 minutes. Charlotte can stroll in looking fresh, re-energized, and the envy of every tired parent at dropoff.

Blue Defense HydroGel – It is a fact of life that we are always on our phones. Though Charlotte may wish otherwise at times, even she is never without her cell. But, Charlotte also knows how damaging blue light can be. Not just to our eyes, but to our skin. That’s why Charlotte would use a product like Blue Defense HydroGel, and buy extras for all her friends. This moisturizer helps skin naturally detoxify, rehydrate, and recalibrate. It supports your natural circadian rhythm — making skin cells less prone to fatigue from blue light sources. A jar of this is undoubtedly on the shelf of every bathroom in Charlotte’s stunning townhouse.

InvisiCrepe Body BalmThere’s no way Charlotte would take impeccable care of her face and neglect her body. She is definitely the kind of woman who would show the skin on her body the same care and attention she gives her delicate face. Charlotte would appreciate that InvisiCrepe Body balm reduces the appearance of wrinkles by supporting the skin’s natural structures. With this on her vanity, Charlotte can give her body the hydration it craves and nourish it from within for smooth, firm, supple-looking skin.

Lid Lifting Treatment – This is Charlotte’s newest secret weapon. She might even call it an “eye lift  in a bottle.” Lid Lifting Treatment reduces the look of droopy, saggy eyelids and helps firm and tighten the look of loose, folded skin. It also instantly softens the appearance of lines and creases, and it would be Charlotte’s final step in her morning routine! And her best kept secret until now.


Charlotte’s “Touch-Up” Essentials

Multi-Action Sculpting Cream – Charlotte is not someone who leaves the house in the morning and stays out until well after dark. She’s a planner and stops back at home to freshen up. Multi-Action Sculpting Cream would be Charlotte’s literal midday pick-me-up. It helps skin look firmer, tighter, and more taut, keeping Charlotte looking effortless no matter how many things she has piling up on her to-do list.

Line-Blurring Wrinkle Filler – Charlotte would swear by this intensive spot treatment that fills in creases and instantly blurs the look of wrinkles. With her busy morning and doubles tennis match behind her, Charlotte can face the rest of her day knowing she can “fill-out” the look of deep wrinkles and plump her skin from the inside out to support firmness, tightness, and elasticity. Plus, it’s so easy to throw into her purse!

City Lips® – Charlotte knows she doesn’t have to redo her entire face of makeup to make an impact. Adding the high shine of City Lips to her look will instantly make Charlotte’s lips pop. Charlotte left stinging lip plumpers in the 90s where they belong. City Lips instantly helps visibly plump lips without burning. It delivers deep, lasting hydration for a long-term increase in the appearance of lip volume.

Charlotte’s Nighttime Skin Care Routine

Rejuvenating CleanserCharlotte would start her night routine the same way she started her morning: with a cleanser. The pineapple & papaya-derived enzymes in this formula gently remove dead skin cells while soothing Dragon’s Blood extract supports the look of skin firmness. Charlotte is nothing if not diligent, so you can bet she uses her City Lash and Ultra-Firming Dry Oil at night as well to maximize results.

Intensive Night Serum – We’re sure this serum would be a gamechanger in Charlotte’s routine. This serum works with your skin’s natural nighttime processes to support a smoother, more radiant look. Charlotte’s cheeks still look incredibly firm and supple — and if that’s what you’re after, this concentrated formula could be a gamechanger for you too.

Advanced Eye Cream – Charlotte’s eyes look like she hasn’t missed a minute of sleep in her entire life. No dark circles, no fine lines, no signs of aging at all. That’s thanks to her morning and night eye routine. This rich eye cream packs a wallop. Powerful antioxidants like Red Algae and Persian Tree Silk protect against damage from free radicals while a tripeptide complex works to brighten and tighten, leaving you with a very well rested look. 

Restoring Hand Treatment – While her eye cream absorbs, Charlotte would turn attention to her hands. Charlotte knows that no matter how much she pampers her face, neck, and chest, if she ignores her hands, she ignores one of the biggest indicators of age. Restoring Hand Treatment reduces the appearance of veins and dark spots while keeping the skin on your hands supple and plump. Neat freak that she is, Charlotte would also love how quickly it absorbs, leaving no greasy fingerprints behind.

Advanced Retinol System – Charlotte would know that retinol is the biggest anti-aging skin care breakthrough in her lifetime. Studies show retinol can dramatically improve the appearance of wrinkles, dark spots, and sagging skin. Advanced Retinol System is an encapsulated retinol that is time-released directly to your skin throughout the night. That powerful retinol is paired with stabilized Vitamin C to protect your skin’s barrier and prep it for retinol — preventing the redness, peeling, or “retinol uglies” that can come from other retinol products on the market. 

Line-Smoothing HydroMask – Deep down, even Charlotte knows nobody is perfect. She would save Line-Smoothing HydroMask for the nights that follow long days where she doesn’t have the energy for her full routine. Utilizing technology developed by surgeons, this biocellulose sheet mask nourishes the skin with healing hydration to help reduce the look of redness, fine lines, and wrinkles with regular use. 

Do I Have to be Perfect to be Like Charlotte?

The truth is, even though she’s fictional, Charlotte is not perfect. We all have to make compromises, and we all fall short of perfect. But Charlotte strives to be her very best, and when it comes to skin care, we can all afford to take a page out of her book. Which of Charlotte’s favorites are you dying to try? Comment below and let us know!

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