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Top 5 DIY Halloween Costumes (Video)

These looks scream festive yet elegant, fun yet beautiful. Plus, they’re so quick and easy to put together…

October 17, 2019 By

makeup techniques to look younger


10 Makeup Tips to Look 10 Years Younger

August 9, 2018 By Victoria R.

My 12 year old niece came to visit this week, and she’s starting to experiment with cosmetics, so naturally she wanted to do my makeup. I told her she could give me a makeover as long as she promised to wear sunscreen and moisturizer every day (it’s never too early to teach them). She obliged, […]

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Want Lip Fillers? Here’s Everything You Need to Know

August 9, 2018 By Anna B.

Ten years ago, most women interested in lip fillers were over age 40. But today there’s a growing trend for women in their twenties to get fillers — not because they’ve had volume loss, but because they want to experiment with their features. Due to celebrity spotlight, “selfie culture,” and society’s increasing nonchalance regarding cosmetic […]

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Rosewater Face Mist (DIY With Photos)

July 11, 2018 By Victoria R.

Would you like to soothe, refresh, and hydrate your skin… in less than 5 seconds? If so, keep reading, because today I’m sharing a DIY recipe for a Rosewater Face Mist I use daily to keep my skin feeling supple.  I was inspired to make this DIY face mist after writing about how French women […]

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8 French Anti-Aging Secrets Revealed

July 10, 2018 By Anna B.

What is it about French women that’s earned them a reputation for being so effortlessly beautiful at any age? Here’s a hint: it has less to do with their outer appearance, and more with how they feel about themselves.   That’s not to say they don’t pay attention to how they look — they definitely […]

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5 Unique Lip Gloss Techniques Inspired by Makeup Artists

June 1, 2018 By Anna B.

One of the best things about makeup is the opportunity to experiment with different looks depending on what mood you’re in.  Whether you’re feeling glamorous, coy, or casual, there’s a lip look for that.  But if you’re bored with the usual lipstick/liner combo, we’ve put together 5 easy looks you can try that will give […]