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The Fool Proof Valentine’s Day Gift Guide (And How To Look & Feel Your Best)

January 31, 2022 By

Love is in the air! And if love is in the air, that means stress, uncertainty, and pressure probably aren’t far behind. (No one said love is easy.) Valentine’s Day gift shopping can pile on the stress — whether you’re shopping for your significant other or your best friend. What should you get? Is it the right thing? Does it say enough? Does it say too much? It is so easy to second-guess yourself when shopping for your loved ones and “liked ones.” But you don’t need to stress. We put together the ultimate Valentine’s Day gift guide with precisely what to buy for anyone on your list: romantic gifts for your husband or wife, playful gifts for your boyfriend or girlfriend, sweet gifts for your friends, and thoughtful gifts for your mom. Get ready to strike the perfect chord with Valentine’s Day gifts for new loves, old loves, and everyone in between. And don’t forget about gifts for yourself! Valentine’s Day is the perfect time to exercise some self-love. Whether you’re gearing up for a cozy night in or a hot night out, we’ve also included some fool-proof getting ready tips to help you look and feel your best — no matter where the night takes you. 

The Perfect Romantic Valentine’s Day Gift

Chocolates and flowers are the minimum. I repeat, THE MINIMUM. They are played out and expected. BUT, not so fast, they are also a classic! See how confusing Valentine’s Day gifting can be? Thank goodness you’re here. Flowers and chocolates are always going to be a nice touch, but they shouldn’t be THE gift. The gift needs to be more thoughtful. 

What Valentine’s Day Gift Should I Give My Brand New Boyfriend or Girlfriend?  

You just started dating and here comes Valentine’s Day! What do you do? You don’t want to ignore it, but it feels too soon to go all in on Cupid’s holiday when you haven’t even dropped the “L” word yet. Keep it easy-breezy with these sure-fire gifts.

valentines day gifts for boyfriendsGet your New Boyfriend Blue Defense HydroGel. Everyone is constantly looking at a screen these days. In fact, you may have even met this cute date of yours on an app. Give him this hydrating, gel-based moisturizer to show how thoughtful you are. It contains a plant extract that defends the skin from damaging blue light — because guys deserve fresh, supple-looking skin too! So text on with your new boo, Blue Defense HydroGel’s got you covered.

Get your New Girlfriend Beyond Mascara. The eyes are the window to the soul, and Beyond Mascara makes the curtains to the soul — your lashes — pop. This ultra-pigmented formula adds visible length and volume to lashes, but it doesn’t end there. Most mascaras dry the lashes, sucking up all their moisture and causing them to fall out. But Beyond Mascara conditions the lashes and helps them appear strong and long, leaving a fuller look whether your date is wearing it or not. You’ll love gazing into your budding love’s eyes and she’ll love batting her eyelashes to show them off.

What Valentine’s Day Gift Should I Give My Long-Term Boyfriend or Girlfriend?

You’re past the honeymoon phase and building your lives together. This is the kind of love to be celebrated, cherished, and remembered. There may be a lot of growing pains ahead — and that’s ok, it comes with the territory — but take this opportunity to mark the optimism of your love and the infinite possibilities that lay before you.

valentines day skin care giftsGet your Boyfriend MicroBiome Night Mask. Tell your man you love everything about him, all the way down to… the bacteria thriving on his skin? We know that sounds strange. But you know not everything that helps love thrive is pretty, just like how good bacteria is vital for maintaining the skin’s natural moisture barrier. MicroBiome Night Mask will keep your bf’s complexion bright and support the look of more supple, plump, kissable skin.

Get your Girlfriend UpLift Firming Serum. Show your lady love that you’re a caring partner.Lift her up and support her just like this ultra-concentrated formula will do for her skin. UpLift Firming Serum is designed to help skin look firmer, smoother, and more lifted within 30 minutes while hydrating the deepest layers of the skin. Prove your love is more than skin deep while still showing love for the skin she’s in. 

What Valentine’s Day Gift Should I Give My Husband or Wife?

At this point, there’s probably nothing you and your spouse don’t know about each other. You have seen the good, the bad, and the ugly, and it doesn’t scare you. That is deep love — the kind of love that sees your flaws so clearly and is still devoted to you no matter what. You’d think that would make picking out a Valentine’s Day gift easier, but it doesn’t. You don’t want to go too practical and communicate that the romance is dead. In fact, you should lean hard in the other direction. Celebrate Valentine’s Day like you’re two giddy teenagers. Give yourselves the excuse to be gushy and lovey dovey. 

Get your Husband Intensive Night Serum. If all goes to plan, you may be missing out on some zzz’s tonight. Make the most of the sleep your hubby does manage to get with this concentrated serum. Deliver deep hydration on a cellular level and reduce wrinkles and loss of firmness by supporting cell turnover and collagen production. Your husband will look so incredibly well-rested — you may not even recognize him!

Get your Wife Advanced Retinol System. At this point in your relationship, your love is not self-conscious and it doesn’t keep secrets. Your wife can’t hide her crow’s feet and laugh lines from you, and she doesn’t need to. Retinol is the most powerful skincare ingredient on the market. It reduces the look of fine lines and wrinkles, eliminates the look of dark spots, and leaves the whole complexion looking younger and new. Advanced Retinol System uses an encapsulated retinol paired with vitamin C to maximize the effects. Your wife is going to look as young as the day you met her. So sure, go ahead and pretend you’re teenagers again! But this time armed with the devotion and wisdom that’s grown from all your years together.

What Valentine’s Day Gift Should I Give My Mom?

Your mom gave you life. What gift could you give her to compete with that? This question stumps everyone, but the truth is: mom is the easiest to shop for! It is the thought that counts, but it doesn’t hurt to have a killer gift.

Get your Mom Multi-Action Sculpting Cream. She will love how it nourishes her skin, helping it look firmer, tighter, and more lifted and feel more taut and springy. This best-selling cream will support your mom’s skin just like she supported you all those years. Here’s your chance to say thanks.

skin care gift for mom

Multi-Action Sculpting Cream, $67

The Perfect Galentine’s Day Gift

Love between besties can be romantic in its own way. The best of friends know everything about each other and accept all the flaws with deep wholehearted love, just like a romantic partner would. If you are celebrating Galentine’s Day with your best friends this year, here’s the perfect shade of City Beauty’s award-winning plumping gloss
City Lips® to make every gal in your group feel seen and loved.

💖The Girly Friend💖

We love this friend! Some of us
are this friend. She relishes anything fluffy, sparkly, and pink. She’s always down for a coffee and a gab sesh. And she is fiercely loyal to her loved ones. Give her City Lips® Matte in Blush Rose. Your girly gal will love this nude with a hint of pink. It is flirty and fun, but a little demure — just like her! And she won’t be able to stop gushing about how full and plump her lips look — no injections needed!

💋The Flirty Friend💋

The confidence. The courage. There isn’t anyone she can’t charm. She’s so bold, she’ll walk up to complete strangers and have them eating out of her hand in seconds. What a gal. No color will serve her better than Sun Diego — an excited whisper of coral pink with a daring peek of golden shimmer. A color so charismatic, it can’t help but remind you of your flirty friend.

💔The Friend Who Just Went Through a Breakup💔

Your gal’s wounds are fresh. It’s good she’s spending the evening with her friends who can encourage her to Tokyo Kiss” that relationship goodbye. Hold your tongues with any “I told you so’s” and let her vent while she slathers her lips with moisture-rich hyaluronic acid and ultra-smoothing oligopeptides. Tokyo Kiss’ cool-toned nude will remind her to keep her cool and ultimately focus on herself. Coupled up or on her own, this bestie will shine. 

🙋‍♀️The Friend Who is Always Single🙋‍♀️

The only crime this friend has ever committed is being so cool that no one can understand how she’s not coupled up — and man does she pay for it! Valentine’s Day can be exhausting for this gal. Remind her what a magnetic person she is with Tinsel Town, a cool pink with silver glitter. Relatable, but unattainable — just like your single gal. 

galentines day gifts💘The Friend Who Loves Love💘

This friend loves love so much, she’s in a new relationship every other week. You’re not even sure if she’ll show up to Galentine’s because she may fall in love that morning! The only suitable color for this hopeless romantic is Pink Nude. This opaque gloss is romantic and soft, and its hydration-rich formula keeps lips looking plump and kissable. It’s the perfect fairytale color for love at first sight.

🖤The Friend Who Hates Love🖤

Having no patience for love means this bestie has more time for herself. She is always impeccably dressed with a sharp heel to match her even sharper tongue. Give this style queen her due with Plum Springs. She can pull off every color, but with this warm deep taupe sets her apart. She will like the instant hydration so much, she might even call it love.

The Perfect Palentine’s Day Gift

Not to split hairs, but your pals and your gals are in two completely different categories. Your gals are ride or die. But your pals might be the work friend you always sidebar on Slack, or your dog walker who stays 20 minutes after their shift to dish. A Palentine’s gift is a difficult needle to thread. A pal is someone you would like to be closer with, but don’t want to cross a boundary too fast. Your gift needs to be thoughtful, but not too intimate. Look no further than…

Line-SmoothingHydroMask: This is so much more than the dollar bin sheet mask you see while waiting in the checkout line. Utilizing technology developed by surgeons, this biocellulose sheet mask nourishes the skin with healing hydration to help reduce the look of redness, fine lines, and wrinkles. Easy to incorporate into an everyday routine, and before long, your Palentine might think the same thing about you. Make room for one more at your next night out. 

A Valentine’s Day Getting Ready Guide Just For You

Valentine's Day giftsNow that we’ve got the gifts covered, striking the right chord with your look is just as important. Whoever you spend the holiday with, you want to put your best face forward. Whether you’re looking to wow your date or show off to your friends, it’s more important to catch your own eye in the mirror. Looking good is about celebrating yourself, and there’s a whole lot to celebrate.

What to Wear with Your Love City Lips® Matte in Rosy Mauve. This cool toned dusty blush makes a statement, and that statement is: “Kiss me, you fool!” This plumping lip cream smooths the lips and visibly reduces lip lines and wrinkles. Not to mention, it’s non-drying, which keeps your lips supple and ready for any kisses coming your way.

What to Wear with Your Girls: No one appreciates a statement lip more than your besties. Wow them with the ultra-feminine pop of color that is Watermelon. This playful pink is the perfect balance between classic and trendy. And it still delivers high shine and plumping hydration that will have all your friends asking if you got filler!

What to Wear with Yourself: City Lips® Clear. If you’re going solo this holiday, go all out. Show yourself some love with a full-on spa night for one. Slather your lips in this nourishing gloss that provides both an immediate and long-term solution for your lips. Spread it slightly above your lip line to smooth out the appearance of wrinkles and fine lines. Rejuvenate your lips with lasting hydration that visibly plumps your pout. And why stop there? Give your whole body some attention from head to toe with InvisiCrepe Body Balm. Lovingly massage this soothing balm onto your skin. It will help you wind down while supporting your skin’s barrier and a smoother, firmer, more supple look. Lipid compounds deliver hydration, Ribose supports the look of skin firmness, and Niacinamide supports the skin’s building blocks. Pamper every inch of your skin and spoil yourself for Valentine’s Day. You deserve it!

Be Mine You

Valentine’s Day is a celebration of love in every form. No matter who you’re with: your love, your gals, or yourself — celebrate and indulge. No one needs a romantic relationship to be whole. But the people in our lives and the friendships and love we build nourish us. Fill up your cup this Valentine’s Day with love and skincare. Comment below and tell us who you’re spending Valentine’s Day with!

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