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Skin Care Sets You’ll Want to be Gifted This Holiday Season

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There are two types of holiday shoppers: those who love it and those who… don’t. Shopping can be stressful! You want to find the perfect gift to strike the perfect chord, a gift the recipient will use and cherish for years to come. It’s a tall order. Whichever category you fall into, whether you’re a shopping lover or a shopping… not lover, there is one foolproof gift every single person on your list can not only use, but will love: skin care sets!

It’s no secret: everyone should be taking care of their skin, but not everyone does. So whether you’ve got a skincare novice in your life or a pro with their own bathroom fridge full of face products, there is a skin care set for everyone on your list. Give them the gift of self-care and encourage some pampering this holiday season.

Not sure where to start? Here’s an easy-to-follow guide to help you find the perfect gift for anyone and everyone on your shopping list. 

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We all have this friend. Somehow their house is always impeccable and their style is effortlessly chic and simple. The minimalist is tough to shop for. They don’t like knick-knacks, they don’t keep things lying around, and they certainly don’t spend a lot of time layering cream after treatment after serum on their face. But that’s ok, because we’ve got them covered with this skin care set:

Youth Rejuvenating Cleanser is a gentle gel-based face wash that delivers a deep clean without stripping away any moisture. Minimalists are all about “tried-and-true” basics and you can consider this cleanser the white t-shirt and jeans of your wardrobe— because it always makes you look good, effortless, and youthful. 

Complete Skin Restore is the easiest step of any skin care routine. These vegan supplements are formulated to support your skin’s inner structure, leading to a younger look and feel on the surface. One pill does all that? A minimalist’s dream!

Line-Smoothing HydroMask is a sheet mask that goes far beyond those dollar masks you can grab in the checkout line. This mask infuses your skin with free radical-fighting antioxidants and collagen-supporting peptides. The difference is obvious after just one use. This is something the minimalist in your life won’t mind having around.

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This friend is on the complete other side of the spectrum. They love stuff — more is more! But how can you get them a gift that will make an impact and won’t lie forgotten in a closet packed to the gills with countless fabulous things? Make a splash with this skin care set designed for the maximalist:

City Lips® and City Lips® Matte… how could a maximalist be expected to choose just one? City Lips® comes in shimmer and opaque shades, delivering high shine and just the right amount of color. But some days, your maximalist may not want shine, they may want a matte option. Maximalists love to be spoiled for choice, so spoil yours with this ultra-hydrating lip gloss that visibly plumps lips and reduces the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.

Multi-Action Sculpting Cream deeply nourishes the skin, giving it a taut springy feel. Your maximalist won’t just settle for any moisturizer, they want more, and Multi-Action Sculpting Cream is so much more than a moisturizer. It is formulated with ingredients to replenish the appearance of skin firmness and elasticity, while targeting skin-aging toxins that eat away at your collagen. 

InvisiCrepe Body Balm takes all those tightening benefits most people focus on for their face, and takes it to the whole body. A maximalist knows skin care doesn’t begin and end with your face. The whole body needs love and attention. InvisiCrepe Body Balm targets crepey skin and visibly smooths wrinkles and fine lines, all while delivering deep, lasting hydration and supporting your skin’s natural barrier. It’s a wonder all that can fit into one jar, and if anyone can appreciate that, it’s the maximalist on your list.

Dual-Ended Silicone Spatula is the perfect tool to apply all these balms and creams. A maximalist is not simply going to use their hands. They need specific tools to do specific jobs, and extra points if the tools are stylish! The dual-ended spatula is a hygienic way to scoop out product. The custom, angled silicone head spreads product evenly across the contours of the face with effortless precision and control.

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We all have a techie in our life. Someone who is always up to date with the latest technology. Their house is full of fun toys and their sound system is pretty incredible. And yes, you could try to get them this year’s hottest new gadget, but everyone buying for them will think of that. Instead, try this skin care set that directly addresses a techie’s needs:

Blue Defense HydroGel is an everyday moisturizer that helps protect skin against damaging blue light that is constantly emitted from our phones and screens. Techies spend even more time in front of screens than the average person. Blue Defense HydroGel helps the skin attract and retain moisture while energizing “tired” skin.

Illuminating Dark Spot Corrector minimizes the look of discoloration and hyperpigmentation caused by many many hours of screen time. Sitting in front of a screen everyday can break down your skin’s collagen production leading to wrinkles and dark spots. Your techie will love nourishing their skin with this concentrated serum.

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The gym lovers don’t need Monday motivation or the latest fad to get them in the gym. They are there lifting weights and sculpting their bodies day in and day out. Their health and fitness is a priority. Here’s a skin care set that takes their two favorite things, lifting and sculpting, and fits them in a box you can wrap as the perfect gift for the gym lover in your life:

Lid Lifting Treatment energizes the skin to lift and firm the appearance of saggy eyelids. Any gym lover knows no amount of lifting weights is going to tighten loose skin on your face. Lid Lifting Treatment targets loose skin to keep the eyes looking as youthful and tight as the rest of your gym lover’s body.

Body Sculpt Firming Complex is a body serum that firms the look of loose sagging skin on the whole body. Gym lovers spend hours sculpting and toning their muscles, Body Sculpt Firming Complex does the same for their skin. Packed with Whey Protein (a gym favorite), Shea Butter, and Avocado Extract, Body Sculpt helps reduce the look of cellulite and stretch marks, to get a smooth, flawless-looking finish.

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Plenty of men love skin care and taking care of their skin, but if you have someone on your list who is not as eager to jump in the skin care pool, help them dip a toe in with this easy skin care set. Nothing too extravagant or overdone, this skin care set is tailored to men who want to look their best without adding any time to their morning routine:

Eye Revive Firming Serum visibly hydrates, firms, and tightens the skin around the delicate eye area. The deep hydration leaves a refreshed and bright appearance. With just a few dabs each morning, your guy’s guy will be looking 10 years younger!

Blue Defense HydroGel protects skin from the harmful blue light that is constantly emitting from our screens. It is light and gel-based, so your guy’s guy won’t feel like he has a heavy cream caked on his face. Blue Defense HydroGel is designed with ingredients shown to deliver deep hydration for up to 72 hours, so it keeps working even if your guy’s guy skips a day. The perfect addition for the busy man’s medicine cabinet.

UpLift Firming Serum is an ultra-concentrated formula designed to help skin look firmer, smoother, and more lifted. It supports the energy skin needs to firm and tone itself. A few drops of this and you will see a noticeable difference within 30 minutes. When you’re in the bathroom putting on a full face of makeup for a fancy night out, your guy’s guy will only need UpLift Firming Serum to look as radiant and refreshed as you do.

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Everyone can use some romance in their lives. We all have a friend who loves love, fantasizes about grand gestures, and is sometimes described as a hopeless romantic. Encourage your romantic to embrace the romance of the holidays and beyond with this skin care set:

City Lips® in Red Velvet is the color of pure romance. A bright pop of deep rich red paired with deep, rich hydration is the perfect lip gloss for the romantic in your life. But City Lips® is so much more than a lip gloss. It’s a lip plumper that visibly restores your lips and leaves them looking soft, supple, and incredibly kissable.

Restoring Hand Treatment nourishes the skin on your hands, leaving them smoother and more supple. The perfect hand treatment for those who love to hold hands while walking in the moonlight… sound like some romantic you know?

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Do you have a friend in your life who is always dressed to the nines? So fabulous and glamorous you can’t imagine getting them a gift worthy of their fierce style? Well, worry not, this skin care set is perfect for the glamazon in your life:

Beyond Mascara is an ultra-pigmented mascara that’s buildable. Meaning, your glamazon can layer it on their lashes for an incredibly dramatic look. Simultaneously, nourishing ingredients help strengthen and condition the lashes, leaving them looking fuller and thicker even when your glamazon isn’t wearing Beyond Mascara. 

City Lash® helps lashes look thicker and longer while conditioning brittle, damaged lashes. Any glamazon will tell you, wearing a full face of makeup everyday can do a number on your eyelashes. Average mascaras aren’t nourishing like Beyond Mascara, they can flake and dry out your lashes. Enter City Lash®. Its gentle formula includes peptides to naturally support stronger-looking lashes and revitalize hair at the root.

City Lips® Clear is a lip gloss that delivers incredible shine to create the dramatic look glamazons love. It also visibly plumps and hydrates your lips, reducing the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles to keep your glamazon’s pout looking perfect.

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You are only as old as you feel and the party animal on your list gets younger every year. They did not stop going hard in their 20s and they won’t stop in their 30s, 40s, or 50s either. But even full-time party animals need to take care of their skin, so grab this skin care set for the one in your life:

Under Eye Recovery brightens the look of dark circles while smoothing the appearance of fine lines and cutting down on puffiness. Party animals will be used to a recovery day, so it will be easy for them to add a little eye pampering to the mix. Or they can skip the recovery day all together and use Under Eye Recovery’s light scattering optics to instantly brighten their under eyes and ready them for the next party in 2 seconds flat.

Dermal Reset Exfoliating Concentrate helps visibly resurface the skin for a younger look and feel. A skin reset is just what a party animal needs after a long night out. Gentle exfoliating acids clear away dead skin cells leaving skin that looks radiant, smooth, and firm.

 Intensive Night Serum is a concentrated treatment that supports cell turnover and the appearance of skin firmness while you sleep. Party animals aren’t known for getting sleep, but this will help the one on your list make the most of the sleep they do get. Intensive Night Serum delivers deep hydration where you need it most for smooth and firm skin.

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What do you buy your friend who has everything? They are impossible to shop for, they buy everything they want when they want it, and every gift idea you can think of, they likely already have 3. But don’t worry, this unique and carefully curated skin care set is bound to please:

Advanced Retinol System is two unique serums in one. Step One preps the skin for retinol and Step Two delivers highly concentrated, encapsulated retinol deep into the skin. The friend on your list may have everything, but they don’t have encapsulated retinol paired with Vitamin C. This duo supports and soothes the skin barrier to prep for highly concentrated retinol. And that retinol reduces the appearances of wrinkles, dark spots, and sagging skin. 

MicroBiome Night Mask is a sleeping mask that works with your body’s natural renewal process to help balance your skin’s microbiome. The microbiome layer is the bacteria that lives on your face. Yes, everyone has a microbiome layer, including your friend who has everything. This mask supports the skin’s natural barrier, delivering visibly smoother, calmer, clearer skin overnight.

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Who in your life takes care of everyone else? Be it a mom, grandma, or friend, we all have the caregiver in our lives who puts everyone else first. Put them first this year with this thoughtful skin care set:

Ultra-Firming Dry Oil is a deeply hydrating oil that absorbs quickly and doesn’t leave any greasy residue. Great news for your caregiver, since they likely don’t leave a lot of time for themselves. Ultra-Firming Dry Oil leaves a smooth, supple finish and lifted look to the neck and décolletage, offering support to your caregiver while they support everyone else.

Advanced Eye Cream delivers deep hydration while reducing the appearance of dark circles and fine lines. Most caregivers sacrifice sleep for the ones they love, so give your caregiver’s tired eyes soothing hydration for a brighter, smoother look.

Line-Blurring Wrinkle Filler is an intensive spot treatment that instantly blurs the look of wrinkles. If moms and grandmas are the caregivers on your list, give them the gift of visibly erasing fine lines and filling in creases — leaving a smooth, decades-younger complexion.

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Ahh, the eco-friendly friend. Sometimes getting a gift for them can be a challenge and require a bit more research. You don’t want to offend them or get them a gift that doesn’t align with their cause, so what can you get them? A skin care set inspired by their lifestyle:

Line-Smoothing HydroMask is a bio-cellulose mask that delivers a noticeable difference after just one use. Bio-cellulose is a superfine natural fiber that is biodegradable, which means it won’t be in a landfill or floating in the ocean for decades. So the environmentalist on your list can rest easy knowing they’re not contributing to pollution with their skin care.

MicroBiome Night Mask supports and balances the bacteria on your face… talk about an environmentalist’s dream. This sleeping mask nourishes your skin and balances the skin’s environment for good bacteria to thrive. No doubt the environmentalist on your list already knows all about good bacteria.

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Animal lovers aren’t just people with pets. They are your friends and family who love and care about all animals. Shopping for them can be tricky, you don’t want to skip your research and get them a gift that contributes to the mistreatment of animals in some way. Rest easy because every product in the City Beauty line is certified cruelty-free by Leaping Bunny and PETA. Your animal lover will appreciate the thoughtfulness and consideration.

The Gift Wrap Up

The holidays can be stressful enough without adding the pressure of finding the perfect gift for your loved ones. Let this guide do the hard work for you. And don’t forget to grab something for yourself, maybe the caregiver in your life is
you! Comment below who you are on this list and which skin care set you can’t wait to try. Happy Holidays!


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