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How To Prevent A Saggy Neck In 3 Simple Steps

November 17, 2021 By

It is no secret that as we age, so does our skin. Things like wrinkles, fine lines, and dark spots begin to appear the older we get. And loose, sagging skin is a significant part of that. Saggy skin can show up on your face, arms, and most often, your neck. And unfortunately, a saggy neck is one of the first indicators of your age. As one of the first places we notice aging skin, it’s SO important to take the necessary steps to try and prevent the development of a saggy neck. Sometimes referred to as “turkey neck,” saggy neck skin is often overlooked and left untreated. Even if you regularly treat your facial skin with products and techniques that make you look younger, ignoring your neck will allow the skin to age and can even make you look older than you are. And no one wants that! So if you want an overall firm, youthful look, you must treat the skin on your neck with the same time and care as your face. 

What Causes a “Saggy Neck”?

As you get older, the cells in your skin begin to produce less collagen and elastin, causing you to become more prone to signs of aging and sagging. This loss can also
weaken the muscles in your neck, which can create even more loose skin.  In addition to getting older, things like bad posture, improper skin care, and sun exposure can all affect your skin’s appearance and cause sagging — which will not only make you look older on the outside but can affect how you feel on the inside too. So, we must take the proper steps to get back to looking and feeling our best inside and out.  The key to getting your neck back to the firm, defined look you had in your 20s is to seek solutions that stimulate collagen production, increase elasticity, and strengthen muscles. 

How Can I Prevent a Saggy Neck?

There are many steps we can take to help prevent a saggy neck
and get back to plumper, younger-looking skin. There are expensive products, tools, and, of course, procedures like liposuction, lasers, and surgical neck lifts. And while these solutions are a quick and surefire way to get rid of sagging, they can be risky and invasive. Plus, they are huge investments in your time and money. Before you get to that last resort, there are some at-home steps you can take to strengthen the muscles in your neck and prevent more sagging from developing.  Here are three easy and effective ways to help prevent a saggy neck.

Step 1: Exercise Your Neck Muscles

One way to help prevent a saggy neck is by
exercising the muscles in the area. Like most other parts of the body, you can work the muscles in your chin and neck to tighten, lift, and firm skin — getting you back to an overall relaxed, younger look. Neck exercises have been known to: 

  • Increase blood circulation for plumper, healthy-looking skin
  • Stimulate collagen to add hydration and promote elasticity
  • Strengthen and tone neck muscles for a taut, more defined look

When it comes to neck exercises, you may not know where to begin. So we’ve done the research for you!

Here Are 3 Easy, At-home Neck Exercises to Try Now:

Kiss the Ceiling

For the first exercise, you’re going to simply
“kiss the ceiling.” This exercise is especially great for those looking to tone neck skin. All you have to do is sit in a chair with your back straight (this is essential to not injuring your spine). Then, lean your neck back so that you’re making eye contact with the ceiling. While looking up, pucker your lips as if you’re blowing a kiss upwards. Hold this position for five seconds, and then let go of the pucker. Repeat this exercise ten times to tighten the skin and keep your neck looking nice and firm.

Pro tip: be sure to make actual kissing noises as you let go of your pucker so that you engage all muscles in the neck area. 

Neck Twists

Another easy and effective exercise for strengthening neck muscles and encouraging elasticity is
neck twists. Begin this exercise by standing (or sitting) straight and looking forward. Then, turn your neck all the way to the right and lean your head back to a comfortable (but lengthening) position. Hold this stance for about five seconds, and then turn your neck all the way to the left and repeat the stretch. For a stronger, more taut neck, repeat the exercise five times on each side. 

Pro tip: use your fingers to feel along the side of your neck while your head is turned to ensure that your muscles are engaged during the exercise. You can also try this in front of a mirror to see your muscles working as you stretch.


One last exercise that will
strengthen the muscles in your neck is the “facepalm.” For this technique, stand up straight, look forward, and place one hand on your forehead. Then, press your head into your palm without letting it move. Apply the same pressure for about ten seconds and repeat 1-2 times.  In addition to the facepalm, you can also exercise the muscles in the back of your neck. Remaining in the same standing position as before, simply place your hands on the back of your head with your fingers interlocked and lean into your palms. This position should apply the same pressure to your neck as the facepalm, letting you stretch and engage similar muscles. Again, this exercise should only take about ten seconds and can be repeated 1-2 times.

Pro tip: take a few deep breaths during this technique to take a moment to relax and regroup while exercising your muscles. 

Each of these exercises is an easy way to ensure your neck skin is tight and firm. They can be easily done during your lunch break, while you binge-watch Netflix, or even during your skin care routine. Great for daily or weekly practice, consistently using these exercises will help build your muscles back up to what they were in your 20s. 

Step 2: Neck Massaging

Another way to help prevent saggy skin on the neck is through
facial and neck massaging. Now, this technique is not exactly what you think. Typical neck massages are used for pain or soreness, but this method is a simpler task that targets the skin on the front of your neck to help you look and feel younger.  Neck massages are not only a great way to take a moment to yourself, but they help tighten skin and promote circulation, too. In fact, these massaging techniques can:

  • Further engage neck muscles, helping with blood and lymph flow
  • Regenerate skin-tightening cells to promote an ageless look
  • Improve elasticity to bring back the taut skin of your youth

saggy neck exercise

Here Are 2 Neck Massage Techniques That Will Leave You With Firmer, Tighter Skin:

Knuckle Kneading

For this massage, all you need are your hands. To begin, make sure you’re standing completely straight with your shoulders back. Then, lift your neck and look up. Place your knuckles from your index and middle fingers under both sides of your chin. Then, slowly begin moving your hands downwards toward your collarbone, applying pressure as you move. For this massage method, you should move your hands downward to
tighten and circulate the skin. Repeat this process about ten times for the best results.

Pro tip: if you start to feel a little strained while leaning your neck back, try taking short breaks in between each massage. 

The Pinching Method

Another massage technique you can do easily at home with just your hands is the
“pinching method.” Begin by standing straight and looking forward. Then, starting from the collar bones and working your way up to your chin, use your thumb and index fingers on both hands to gently squeeze the skin. The trick here is to pinch and lift your skin all the way up the neck area. To ensure a boost in collagen and keep skin firm, repeat the massage 1-2 times with a short break in between. 

Pro tip: try doing this massage in front of a mirror to ensure your form and technique are correct.  Facial and neck massages are a super easy and effective way to help reduce saggy skin. Like most age-reducing techniques, they must be done regularly on a daily or weekly basis to see real results. You can add these massage techniques to your nightly skin care routine, do them while you catch up on your favorite tv show, or even during your morning cup of coffee. No matter when you decide to put it into your routine, they will keep the appearance of a saggy neck at bay. 

As with any at-home care, you must always be gentle with yourself. If you start to feel straining or any kind of discomfort while exercising, stretching, or massaging your neck, take a step back and go for a less active technique. And remember that there are alternative methods that may work better for you. 

Step 3: Skin Care

The final — and most essential — step to preventing a saggy neck is using topical products that lift, firm, and nourish skin. We often forget to treat our necks with the same skin care products we put on our faces, but taking care of neck skin is essential to maintaining a youthful, lifted appearance. As you know, necks are one of the first places we notice aging skin, so you should treat the area with just as much care as you do your face. There are many products out there to treat sagging skin on the neck. And because it can be overwhelming trying to find something that works, we’ve developed the best of the best.

Here Are 2 Skin Care Products That Will Take Years Off Your Appearance Without Surgery: 

Ultra-Firming Dry Oil

If you’re serious about preventing a saggy neck, we have the perfect solution for you. Ultra-Firming Dry Oil is a neck and décolletage treatment that lifts, hydrates, and smooths the skin’s appearance for a more taut, supple look and feel. The fast-absorbing, non-greasy oil is a one-of-a-kind product that reduces the look of aging skin right at its source. Using three hero ingredients to provide a youthful look, Ultra-Firming Dry Oil:

  • Engages with neck muscles to promote firmness
  • Lifts the appearance of sagging, restoring the skin of your youth
  • Smooths wrinkles and loose skin to improve the overall look of your neck

To use, simply massage 5-8 drops of Ultra-Firming Dry Oil onto your clean, dry neck and décolletage area. For best results, it should be applied twice daily — once during your morning skin care routine and once during your nighttime ritual. Just be sure to let the oil fully absorb into skin before applying the rest of your products. And voila! You will see firmer, younger-looking skin in no time. 

Pro tip: if you want some extra hydration, apply Ultra-Firming Dry Oil to damp skin after a warm bath or shower.  And for an even better experience, you can even use the oil while massaging your neck area. Combining the oil with the above techniques will ensure circulation and relaxation in the skin — helping you maintain a younger appearance. 

Multi-Action Sculpting Cream

If you really want to ensure a more youthful-looking neck area, you can also add a sculpting treatment to your routine. Multi-Action Sculpting Cream is the perfect complement to Ultra-Firming Dry Oil. It works to lift saggy skin and deeply nourishes to keep you looking firm, plump, and ageless. Great for use on your face, neck, and décolletage, the cream targets loose skin, so you never have to worry about a saggy neck again.  In addition to lifting your skin, Multi-Action Sculpting Cream also:

  • Restores the essential “building blocks” that promote thicker, firmer skin
  • Visibly increases elasticity to minimize the development of sagginess
  • Tightens skin’s appearance to reduce the look of aging

To use Multi-Action Sculpting Cream, simply apply a quarter size amount and work it into your skin using an upward circular motion. For best results, it should be applied last in your skin care routine up to two times per day.  Needless to say, these products are a great alternative to invasive procedures and will truly help prevent the appearance of a saggy neck. Combining the topicals with the exercises and massages above will ensure that your neck retains its youthful, firm appearance. 

The Takeaway

While there are many signs of aging that can appear on the hands and face, let’s face it, a saggy neck is a dead giveaway of age. If you keep forgetting about this prominent area, chances are you’ll continue to see saggy, loose skin that just won’t go away.
But if you pair these exercise and massaging techniques with a solid, targeted skin care routine, you’ll see smooth, plump, younger-looking skin in no time Whether you decide to use all of these techniques or just one or two, always remember that you’re beautiful inside and out, and you deserve to have the younger-looking skin you’ve been dreaming about.  


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