Younger Hair Starts With An Old T-Shirt

April 24, 2020 By

Today I’m sharing how to make your hair stronger, shinier, and smoother by using a “hair care tool” from… your closet!

You see, the secret to healthy, frizz-free hair is not a serum, conditioner, or mask…

It’s an old t-shirt.

And now that many of us are using the extra time at home to organize our spaces…

It’s the perfect occasion to put the tees buried at the bottom of your drawer to good use!

I’ve been drying my hair with cotton t-shirts instead of towels for close to a decade now, and I could never go back.

There are many benefits to making the switch, especially if you have fragile, curly or wavy hair…

But this tip works great for all hair types and lengths.

4 Reasons to Dry Your Hair With a T-Shirt


1. A t-shirt is much softer than a towel, so it puts less friction on your hair while it’s drying. This helps prevent excess frizz.

2. Because your hair is most fragile when wet, wrapping it in a soft cloth instead of a coarse towel helps prevent breakage.

3. A t-shirt weighs less than a towel, so it puts less strain on your neck and makes it more comfortable to move around.

4. Because a t-shirt is thinner than a towel, your hair gets more airflow and dries faster.

Now, I know some people use microfiber “hair turbans” for these very reasons, but in my experience, old t-shirts work just as well (and cost nothing).

Just make sure you’re using t-shirts without large logos that are made from 100% cotton, as these will be the most absorbent.

When you’ve found your t-shirt, use it exactly like a towel.

First, squeeze any moisture out of the hair, but don’t rub!

Hair is extremely delicate when wet, and rubbing it only creates more breakage and frizz.

Then, flip your hair into the t-shirt and twist it up.

Tuck the “tail” of your twist underneath, near the nape of your neck.

Or, if your t-shirt has long sleeves, you could tie those around your head for a secure fit.

If you plan on blow drying your hair, wait until your hair is about 70% dry.

It may seem counterintuitive, but letting your hair air dry before you blow dry is better because it requires less heat to get the job done — which means less damage and frizz.

If you’re not going to blow dry your hair, wait until it’s close to fully dry before brushing it.

It can be tempting to brush through wet strands, but this can lead to more breakage.

The only exception to brushing wet hair is if you’re using a wide-tooth comb to distribute product, like conditioner.

The extra “glide” from the product prevents the brush from snagging or pulling strands.

Overall, the gentler you handle wet hair, the healthier it will be.

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