Antioxidants In Skincare: Why Include Antioxidants In Your Skin Care Routine?

April 23, 2020 By City Beauty Team

When you think of antioxidants, what comes to mind? You might associate antioxidants with many overall health benefits long before skincare comes to mind. But here’s the thing: the skincare benefits of antioxidants are plentiful, including the potential to improve the appearance of fine lines or wrinkles. Read on to learn more about the many […]

French women age gracefully


8 French Anti-Aging Secrets Revealed

July 10, 2018 By City Beauty Team

What is it about French women that’s earned them a reputation for being so effortlessly beautiful at any age? Here’s a hint: it has less to do with their outer appearance, and more with how they feel about themselves.   That’s not to say they don’t pay attention to how they look — they definitely […]