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8 French Anti-Aging Secrets Revealed

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What is it about French women that’s earned them a reputation for being so effortlessly beautiful at any age?

Here’s a hint: it has less to do with their outer appearance, and more with how they feel about themselves.


That’s not to say they don’t pay attention to how they look — they definitely do — but they practice a less-is-more approach when it comes to beauty, and place great value on lifestyle choices.

Want to add a little je ne sais quois into your life? Read on to pick up a few tips that will leave you feeling très chic.

8 Anti-Aging Secrets French Women Swear By


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1. They Eat Everything — In Moderation

Bread, butter, dessert… French food consists of high-fat, high-calorie meals. But you’ll never see a French woman deny herself an indulgent plate — as long as her portion stays small.

Thanks to portion control, French women feel light and vivacious well into their later years.

2. They Drink Wine

French women drink a glass (or two) of red wine almost daily, but rarely drink liquor (which dehydrates your skin and causes wrinkles).

Red wine on the other hand contains the powerful antioxidants resveratrol — which is anti-inflammatory, and improves the elasticity of your skin.

3. They Stay Active

The French aren’t fans of trendy diets or gyms.

Instead, they prefer simpler ways of staying active that seamlessly fit into their lives — like walking everywhere, biking, taking the stairs, or gardening.

This gentle, no-pressure approach values staying active over staying fit. Plus, these are activities most people can do at any age.

4. They Use Facial Mists

It’s no secret that keeping your skin hydrated is one of the best things you can do to improve the look of wrinkles and fine lines.

Face mists are an easy way to give your skin a boost of hydration and a dewy glow — anytime.

They can be as simple as thermal spring water, or include soothing ingredients like aloe and rose.

5. They Have FUN!

French women don’t stop having fun after they reach a “certain age.”

In fact, parties and gatherings are multi-generational. There’s no such thing being “too old” to get on the dance floor.

French women also don’t throw romance out the window. It’s common to see couples of all ages walking hand in hand, kissing, and having romantic dinners late into the evening.

6. They Don’t Feel Guilty

French culture is known for being indulgent.

Whether it’s their two-hour lunch breaks, or their 5-week vacations, French women don’t feel bad about living.

They go to the spa regularly, they eat what they want, and they do what makes them feel good — even if it rubs some people the wrong way.

Point is, they’re unapologetic in their quest to enjoy the pleasures of life. And perhaps that joie de vivre is what keeps them young — in body and spirit.

7. They Value Skincare Over Makeup

According to a recent poll, French women spend more on facial skincare products than other European countries. And 62% of French women use anti-wrinkle products!

Good skincare habits are established early: children are taught to apply sunscreen, moisturize, and not touch their faces with dirty hands.

French women also prefer not to wear foundation on their entire face, instead only using concealer for spot coverage (like the under eyes). This allows the skin’s natural tone to shine through.

8. They Prefer the Natural Look

Although French women use anti-aging skincare to minimize the look of their wrinkles, they don’t go overboard with injections, fillers, or surgery to try and look younger than they are.

They view their wrinkles as a sign of a life well-lived and understand there’s more to life than your face.

You can see how French women consider attitude to be the most important factor in aging gracefully.

From their lifestyle choices to their simple approach to makeup, French women want their unique self to shine through in everything they do.

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But of course, we all need a little help along the way to truly feel like the radiant beings we are — and this is where a carefully chosen skincare collection comes in.

The French know that a product you can trust can be your best ally when it comes to anti-aging (like City Beauty’s Intensive Night Serum).

It smooths the look of fine lines and wrinkles, evens out skin texture, and intensely hydrates your skin — all while you sleep.

It’s the perfect combination of low-maintenance and effectiveness (exactly how the French like it).

When you have a great product like that, you can wake up looking like the best version of yourself every day.

And that is the most beautiful thing of all — to be comfortable and confident in your own skin, at any age.

Do you have any anti-aging “secrets” of your own? Leave me a comment below and let me know!

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