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How To Remove Makeup Properly To Support Skin Health

June 1, 2020 By

Putting makeup on can be an important and daily morning routine that leaves you feeling ready to take on the day. However, when it comes to your skin care routine, properly removing makeup can be even more important. 

This article delves into the many ways of how to remove makeup according to your skin type, as well as how to find the best makeup removers, cleansing solutions, and skincare routine just for you.

Why Removing Makeup Is An Important Step In Proper Skin Care

You may think that removing your makeup doesn’t have that much of an effect on your skin, but it does. The skin renews itself while you sleep, and leaving makeup on prevents that from happening, causing signs of fatigue and tiredness and other skin blemishes to appear much sooner than you’d like.1

More importantly, sleeping in your makeup can even put you at risk of getting an infection, especially if makeup brushes or applicators are not being cleaned properly, and the list goes on.

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(A quick word on cleaning your makeup brushes: Every so often, it’s also important to remember to clean your makeup brushes as well in order to lower your risk of infection or irritation. Simply run your applicators under warm water and scrub with a gentle dish soap to remove traces of makeup.)

That’s why it’s ideal to invest in a good, cleansing balm or cleansing oil for proper makeup removal and an overall skincare routine.  But what kind of makeup remover should you be using? The right product for your skin type can make all the difference when it comes to creating fresh, healthy, and glowing skin.

Are You Removing Your Makeup Correctly?

With so many makeup removal products, it can be a little overwhelming to ensure every bit of makeup is properly coming off. In fact, you may be certain that you’ve been doing it correctly for years only to find out it could be causing more harm than good. (Unfortunately, makeup wipe lovers, this means you.)

While cleansing towelettes or baby wipes can be a great makeup eraser in a pinch or while you’re traveling, they’re not the best at getting rid of every speck of makeup residue on your face or deep cleaning your pores, especially if you wear heavy makeup.  

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So, first thing’s first: Make sure your hair is out of your face. This allows you to reach clogged pores along your hairline that you may otherwise miss if just using a wipe. Next, take a microfiber cloth or washcloth and submerge it in warm water before applying your favorite removal cleanser, whether it be a foaming cleanser or oil cleanser. This ensures that any stubborn makeup is lifted off of the skin while simultaneously deep cleaning your pores, and is where a good cleansing oil comes in handy.

After this, simply cleanse your face again with warm water and apply any moisturizing or oil lifting products for your skin to absorb while you sleep. Many skincare experts recommend cleansing twice to guarantee all traces of makeup are gone.3

Don’t Forget The Eyes

The pitfalls of sleeping in makeup have been touched on, but it’s important to note that the eye area is much more susceptible to infection and irritation, so it’s imperative that you remove all traces of makeup from this area with a good cleanser before you go to sleep.

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It’s also important not to apply too much pressure or friction when removing eye shadow, mascara, eyeliner, lipstick, or other tougher eye makeup products or waterproof makeup, like waterproof mascara. Dermatologists recommend using flat cotton pads rather than cotton balls, and have found that applying eye makeup remover to a cotton pad and letting it sit for a minute or two makes it easier to remove eye makeup and cleanse the eye area.4

This technique is also helpful when it comes to a makeup stain because the remover soaks through the cotton pad and will lift it off of your skin. Lipstick stain and mascara stain happen when you don’t fully remove makeup on a regular basis, further damaging the skin.

If you find that your typical makeup remover isn’t doing the job for a makeup stain, try using natural remedies like combining honey with oil or baking soda to lift them off of your skin.5

The Ultimate Skin Care Routine

Ultimately, the best skincare routine is the one that leaves your skin looking and feeling new and refreshed. Makeup tends to clog pores and can lead to more severe infections or irritations if left on.

When you take care of your skin, you can put your freshest face forward for everyone to see, instead of letting makeup potentially damage your skin. No matter how you choose to incorporate makeup removal into your skincare routine, make sure you use a high-quality product. Your skin will thank you in the long run.





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