Lipstick Bleeding Into Fine Lines? Use This Makeup Technique

One of my favorite things about summer are the al fresco dinners my friend Julie hosts in her backyard. She always goes above and beyond to set the mood:  String lights hung above the table, Bossa Nova playing softly in the background, and an intoxicating smell of honeysuckle blossoms wafting through the air…  It’s magical […]

August 9, 2019 By

lemon juice and olive oil make a great nail whitening treatment


Get “French Manicure” Nails Without the Polish

January 20, 2018 By Anna B.

I used to think the only way to make my nails look presentable was to have them perfectly manicured all the time.   Why? Because I had persistent problems with discoloration and uneven nail texture. I felt like I always had to get expensive manicures to cover up the “yellowing” and “ridging.” But recently, I […]