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5 Easy Steps to “Fresh From the Salon” Nails At Home

February 10, 2018 By

Is there anything better than a fresh manicure? It can be the finishing touch to any look. Plus, a good manicure can make your hands look younger!

But going to the salon every week can be expensive (not to mention time consuming). So I love doing my own nails —and you can, too!

Fun tip:  choose a bold, warm toned color to brighten the skin on your hands and give a more youthful look.

My DIY manicure makes it easy to get that “fresh from the salon” look right at home!


Here’s what you’ll need:


White vinegar
Nail file
Nail clippers
Base coat polish
Nail polish
Top coat polish
Non-stick cooking spray


Step #1: Prep your nails.


woman removing nail polish

To keep your nail polish on as long as possible, your nails need to be ready.

So, I recommend wiping your nails down with vinegar to remove any excess oil, and buffing the surface with a nail file to smooth out any cracks or ridges.

Then, give your nails a trim with a set of nail clippers.

Finally, use a nail file to smooth and shape your nails — but only file in one direction not to damage the nail!

Step #2: Apply a base coat.


This step is very important because it will help your polish stay on longer and prevent staining. You see, darker nail polish colors can discolor your nails, and a base coat acts as a barrier to prevent that.

So, apply one layer of base coat on the top half of your nail, and then a second coat on your entire nail.

Let your base coat dry completely before you move on to the next step.

Step #3: Apply polish and top coat.


woman painting nails

Before applying your polish, roll the bottle in your hands to mix it up — being careful not to shake it. (Shaking infuses air bubbles in the polish, making it more likely to chip over time.)

Once you’ve mixed your polish, apply 2-3 thin coats to your nails. Applying thin coats instead of thick ones will help your nails dry quickly, and prevent them from smudging!

When you’ve applied your last coat of polish, be sure to apply a top coat, which will protect your manicure. This is a great way to prevent chipping — and give your nails that “just left the salon” look.

Step #4: Spray with setting spray (PAM works great!)


setting spray on nails

I know it sounds a bit strange, but trust me — cooking spray makes a fantastic setting spray. You see, when applied to a still-wet manicure, cooking spray can actually help to prevent your nails from smudging.

Hold the can 6 inches away from your nails, and spray them for 1-2 seconds. It’ll keep that polish looking perfect for days to come!

Tip #5: Give yourself a quick massage.


Once your nails are dry, give your hands a quick massage to improve the circulation in your hands.

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