Lipstick Bleeding Into Fine Lines? Use This Makeup Technique

August 9, 2019 By

One of my favorite things about summer are the al fresco dinners my friend Julie hosts in her backyard.

She always goes above and beyond to set the mood: 

String lights hung above the table, Bossa Nova playing softly in the background, and an intoxicating smell of honeysuckle blossoms wafting through the air… 

It’s magical and relaxing. 

And the food is just as impressive!

I can’t resist getting a helping of everything on the table — it’s that good!

Sure, I might have to loosen my belt a bit afterwards… but one thing that stays in place all night? 

My lipstick.


That’s because I always use my faithful “Bleed-Proof Lipstick Tip” before going to a social event — so I can enjoy my night without ever having to touch-up my lip color!

And we all know… lipstick usually tends to bleed into the fine lines and wrinkles around your lips, no matter how much lip liner you apply first.

Because of this, you might even entirely avoid wearing lipstick to events where you’ll be eating or drinking.

But this simple “stay put” tip has proven true every single time, and today, I’m going to share it with you!

Now you can eat, drink, and look put-together all day and night with no lipstick bleeding, and almost zero fading!

And the best part — you can use any lipstick you already own.

To show you exactly how it’s done, I made a short step-by-step video.


In just a few easy steps you’ll learn how to:

  • Prevent lipstick bleeding — even after eating, drinking, or daily wear 
  • Make your lip liner more effective
  • Make one lipstick application last all day or all night


Watch the video below to learn my fool-proof trick!

Want to reference the instructions in the video later? 

I wrote down the tools you’ll need to do this technique, as well as the individual steps below. 


Makeup Tools You’ll Need:


  1. Your favorite lipstick
  2. Matching lip liner
  3. Liquid or cream concealer
  4. Loose, translucent setting powder
  5. A small fluffy brush, such as an eyeshadow brush
  6. A concealer brush
  7. Q-Tips
  8. Tissue, split in two layers 

How to Get the Perfect ‘Bleed-Proof’ Lip:


  1. To start, dab a small amount of concealer around the edges of your lips.
  2. Use a concealer brush to blend out concealer, tracing the perimeter of your lips.
  3. Using a small fluffy brush, lightly dust setting powder over the concealer.
  4. Use a Q-Tip to remove any excess concealer or setting powder from the lips.
  5. Use lip liner to outline the lips.
  6. Apply lip color.
  7. Separate a tissue in two layers. Gently place one layer on the lips.
  8. Use a fluffy brush and setting powder to lightly dust powder over the lips through the tissue.

This technique works with any color… even a notoriously difficult red!

So, no matter what lipstick you choose, you can be sure it will have more staying power than ever.

P.S. What food are you most excited to eat now that you know your lipstick won’t budge?

Is it a bowl of pasta, your favorite sandwich, or maybe a slice of pizza?

Comment below to share the meal you’re going to enjoy without worrying about a makeup meltdown! 

And if you learned something from this post, please share it with your friends. Everyone deserves to have confidence in their lipstick.


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