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5-Step Skin Routine for Fall

September 9, 2021 By

Fall is here! The leaves are changing color, and everyone is switching from their summer clothes to their fall wardrobe.  But as with every season change, you’ll want to change up more than just what you’re wearing.  In the summer, increased exposure to UV rays can often leave your skin damaged, which can lead to more signs of aging on your skin.  While you might have perfected your summer skin care routine to prevent uneven skin tone and minimize damage, it’s time to update your regimen for fall. 

How Fall Weather Effects Skin

As the weather gets cooler, the drastic drop in temperature can make your skin dry, itchy, and tight. Humidity levels also tend to drop in the fall, causing dry skin and may even aggravate existing skin problems. This is especially true if you’re prone to eczema or other dry skin conditions. 

Indoor heat keeps the air warm, but it also robs moisture from the air and creates a dry environment. This is why it’s important to change up your skincare routine according to the season.

Switching to a Fall Skincare Routine

Whether you’re new to skincare or an expert, transitioning your skincare products into fall is super easy. Just follow these simple steps:


After months of sweat, oil, and SPF it’s important to give the skin a deep clean with a formula like City Beauty’s Youth Rejuvenating Cleanser. Its pH-balanced formula thoroughly cleanses without stripping away vital hydration, so your skin feels soft and supple after each wash.


This step should be done throughout the year, but especially as the weather gets cooler. Cold air outside and dry indoor heating can cause your skin cells to dehydrate and die out faster, leading to skin that’s dull and rough. By exfoliating these dead cells, new cells can come in healthier and without obstruction. Dermal Reset Exfoliating Concentrate has gentle exfoliating acids that clear away dead skin cells and potent extracts that combat the appearance of dullness, discoloration, and wrinkles — for skin that looks radiant, smooth, and firm.

Apply Serum

Because serums penetrate deeply into the skin and pack a nutrient-rich punch, they are a year-round essential. For the fall, opt for the UpLift Firming Serum. It absorbs within seconds  — leaving behind almost no residue. Massage the serum into your skin, using an upward motion for a tighter, more lifted look in just minutes. 


Use a gel-based formula like Blue Defense HydroGel which is formulated with an intensive hydration blend that attracts water to the skin’s deepest layers for immediate moisturization. It even helps your skin retain water for continual moisturizing for up to 72 hours, keeping it looking healthy and hydrated.

Apply SPF

Proper sun protection is a year-round must-have. 

Autumn Beauty

Whether you’re grabbing a pumpkin spice latte with a friend or taking in the new foliage, this moisturizing skin routine will keep your skin looking radiant, supple, and lifted all season long. It’s time to say goodbye to dullness and wrinkles brought on by the hot weather and show off a brighter, fresher look!

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