Weekly Beauty Advice: Choosing The Right Lipstick Shade For Every Occasion

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Lipstick may seem like an afterthought – especially if you’ve been rocking the same go-to shade for years – but research shows that other people perceive you as more put-together and sophisticated with a pretty lip shade on. Plus, sporting some lipstick is a great boost for your own self-esteem and may also help keep your lips hydrated and protected.1

To always look and feel your best, here’s a simple guide to choosing the perfect lipstick shade for any outfit, casual gathering, or party. Pack your makeup kit with a few of the shades below so you can instantly switch up your look.

Lipstick Options For A Casual Gathering With Friends And Family

A casual gathering amongst your nearest and dearest is a great opportunity to try out a new lipstick color. Generally, you’ll have to take into account your outfit and the rest of your makeup look.

For a daytime event when you’ve dressed casually, a warm shade of dusty pink or flattering nude can instantly make you look more polished. If you’re hoping for something a little more festive, go bold with a bright shade (think coral and cool shades of pink), but keep the rest of your makeup minimal and subdued – you want the focus to be on your eye-popping pout.2

Bold Lipstick Ideas For A Night Out And Formal Events

For a dressier party, you’d probably be wearing something more glamorous and your makeup will be more dramatic – so your lipstick needs to match accordingly. If you’re wearing dark or heavy eye makeup, keep lips simple with a tawny nude shade that mimics your natural lip color. Or, play it even simpler with some nude lip liner and a swipe of lip gloss.


But if you really want your lipstick to pop, take your cue from your party outfit. Wearing black? Vamp it up with a deep red, wine, or berry shade. Wearing color to this party? Note your outfit or accessory accent colors and match accordingly – a bright pink or classic red lip could work well. If you channel a more classic look,  paint your nails in a matching shade.3

Is Red Lipstick Appropriate At An Office Party?

Work events can be more conservative than parties with friends. But that doesn’t mean you can’t let loose and have a little fun with your look.

It’s all about balance – it may be a party, but it’s still key to look professional and present yourself well. This is why red lipstick could be a good idea for an office party. It’s an empowering color that helps you feel more confident, and you’ll be garnering the right attention from your colleagues if you choose the right shade and match it to your outfit well.4

Cool Lipstick Ideas For A Hot Date

When choosing a lipstick for a date, think just as much about the formula as you do the color. You’ll probably be eating, drinking, and maybe even kissing. The last thing you should be worried about is whether you need to touch up your lipstick. 

You’ll want something matte and long-wearing that won’t end up on your teeth (or your date’s clothes).5

The good news is, you can find a matte shade in almost any color – from nude or light pink shades that look just like your natural lips, to bolder and brighter colors like pure red or daring pink. 

Your lipstick choice is a good way to show off your personality and boost your confidence, but do make sure you choose a reliable product that won’t bleed, flake off, or dry up your lips in the middle of your date.

Perfect Lipstick And Lip Gloss Application Tips

Regardless of the lip color you’ve chosen, applying it properly is key to making sure your look translates well. In addition to regular exfoliation and proper lipstick removal, take note of these tips to ensure perfect application.

  • Make sure your lips are hydrated. Apply lip balm and leave on to saturate for as long as possible. Wipe off excess before applying lipstick and lip gloss.
  • Perfect your lip gloss application by dotting some at the center of your lips and pressing your lips together so it spreads out more naturally.
  • Practice lining your lips well. Use a makeup sponge or the edge of a playing card to guide the lipstick around the lip line.
  • Experiment with applying lipstick using a lipstick brush or straight from the bullet.
  • Daunted by bright or bold lip color? Soften the pigment by blotting the harsh lip line with your finger and blending the color in a bit more.
  • Help lipstick last longer by filling in the entire lip with a coordinating lip liner before topping off with your chosen lipstick color, or even just with a good tinted lip gloss for a smooth and shiny look.6


Wear Any Shade With Confidence

Whether you’re going to a casual and intimate brunch or a rocking party, you can be adventurous with your lipstick and lip gloss for any occasion. Wear your personality proudly by trying out all the lipstick shades that intrigue you – you never know when you’re going to find your signature lip color look.

And the best way to show off the perfect lipstick shade? Don’t forget to smile!



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