Is Wearing Blush On Nose The New Makeup Trend?

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Swiping some blush on your nose might seem counter to every makeup technique you’ve ever mastered. But experimenting is the fun part about makeup trends. You can take a trend and make it your own — you never know what trend or technique will become your signature style.

And, yes, that might include blending a little powder blush on your nose, whether for a striking and unique look sure to turn heads, or simply to accentuate and complete your flushed-cheek glow.

Still raising your eyebrows? Read on for some insight into how this whole blush-on-nose trend came to be and how you can use it in a way that feels most natural to you.

Where Does This Makeup Trend Come From? 

It may feel like this whole makeup trend just came out of nowhere, but it’s actually created quite a buzz online. Applying blush on the nose is one of the defining characteristics of what’s known as “e girl makeup.”

The e girl style is vibrant and colorful, inspired by a wide variety of online content, like anime, memes, and characters from video games (which is where e girls got their name — it’s short for “electronic”). The most common iteration of e girl makeup includes colorful dyed hair, heavy cat-eye liner, a smattering of faux freckles, and, of course, a colorful swipe of blush on the nose.


It’s a look that’s anything but understated, for sure. Famous musician Doja Cat, a fan of the look, said the whole blush-on-nose trend looks like, “I just woke up and blew my nose” (and that’s just how she likes it). For some, that’s a look they’re after — but for others, not so much. But when done well, this makeup trend can make you look anything from shy and elfin to sun-kissed and carefree.1

It’s a versatile trend for sure, and it certainly has its roots in legit makeup theory. 

Blush Draping Is The Contouring Trend You Haven’t Tried Yet 

While the more out-there, colorful looks of e girl makeup are definitely a modern makeup trend, the concept of highlighting and contouring (including the nose area) isn’t new at all. 

“Blush draping” was first popularized in the 1970s, at the height of the disco era. Blush was used to contour the cheekbones, temples, and even the nose, depending on the desired effect. The result? A flush that’s both sculpted and healthy-looking, immortalized by the likes of Farrah Fawcett, Cher, and other ‘70s beauty icons.2


If you’d like to try applying blush on your nose with this tradition, keep in mind that this look is a bit more dramatic than your usual blush and contour application. Go with a light hand and blend, blend, blend.

Here’s how to apply blush on your nose in the blush draping styling: 

  1. After choosing a blush suited to your skin tone and in a medium finish (not too shimmery), start by buffing the product on your temples (above the brow bone). 
  2. Then, swipe the blush down the center of your nose until the tip. 
  3. Finish off by adding some blush underneath your cheekbones and down the sides of your neck to complete the contouring effect.3

This is a lot of blush to be playing with, so make sure you keep the rest of your makeup on the eyes and the lips more understated. You’ll end up with a beautiful, high-octane glow befitting a ‘70s disco diva.

This Makeup Trend Focused On Highlighting The Nose Is Making Its Way Online

If you’ve mastered blush draping and want to try more avant-garde looks, it’s time to move out of the hip ‘70s and into the 2000s makeup scene. Since e girls are known for their active participation in a lot of online platforms and social media, this is where you’ll see a lot of their interesting looks. Apps like Instagram and TikTok are full of makeup inspiration.4

This is why you won’t need a celebrity makeup artist tutorial just to learn proper blush-on-nose application. All the sparks of creativity you’ll need to inspire you are online — you’ll see a lot of makeup mavens nailing daring and colorful looks using cream blush and eyeshadow, turning the often-ignored nose area into the perfect canvas for a striking look you’d have to try at least once.

Check out Doja Cat’s take on metallic blush and heavy liner if you’re looking for a more dramatic look, or Emily Ratajkowski’s more natural flush if you want that “off-duty model in Paris” vibe. Either way, there are no set rules when it comes to applying blush on your nose. Whether you’re focusing pigment on the tip of your nose for a sunkissed look or bridging both sides of your cheeks with a continuous sweep of color for that extra-glass-of-wine flush, do it confidently (and with a light hand, of course).

Don’t be intimidated by all the neon colors and sparkly finishes used by makeup influencers — it’s all about finding a look you find both flattering and wearable.


Nose Blush Techniques  

It’s always fun to explore all the different ways you can do the blush-on-nose trend. Here are some of the techniques you can try, ranging from the simplest to the more eye-catching.

Monochromatic Extreme Blush

Try pairing rosy red lips and eye shadow with a bright pop of blush on your cheeks and right on the tip of the nose. Experiment with different finishes to keep the look nuanced — try shimmery eyeliner, glossy lips, and matte blush, for example.5

Matching Highlight

If you’re playing with colorful eyeliner (think bright blue or jewel tones), try dotting highlighter with the same shimmer tone as your eyeliner shade on the tip of your nose. This will play up your eye makeup even more. For example if you’re using blue eyeliner, try a highlighter with an icy blue undertone. For reds or pinks, go for a rose gold highlighter.6,7

A Little On The Nose: Have Fun With Blush

There’s always more than one way to use your makeup products, and blush is no exception. Don’t be afraid to play with different formulas and finishes.

You may only be willing to try a small dab of blush on the tip of your nose for the fresh-faced flush, or you may be excited to break out all the colored liners and highlighters you never found the right use for before. Either way, what’s important is you’re always leveling up your makeup game by trying new tips and tricks. It’s perfectly okay to show off your love for makeup and your creativity, after all.



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