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How Your Shower Routine Can Elevate Your Skin

January 13, 2022 By

Have you ever felt like no matter what order you apply your products, your skin care just doesn’t seem to be working the way you want? And no matter what moisturizing products you try, your skin is still dry with visible signs of aging, like fine lines, wrinkles, and sagging? Well, we’re here to share a simple solution to make sure you’re getting the most out of your skin care products. And it lies in your shower routine.

Yep, that’s right! The key to maintaining a hydrated, younger-looking appearance is by applying your skin care products while your skin is still damp from the shower. 

How Does Damp Skin Affect My Products?

shower routine for good skinWhen you apply skin care to a
dry face, chances are, your products are just piling on top of your skin’s surface. This can create a textured appearance and cause your skin to be more vulnerable to dryness, fine lines, and sagging. When you apply products to a damp face, they can penetrate your skin’s surface and work better to keep your skin looking and feeling its best.

And this is because your skin is like a sponge. Now, I’m sure you’ve heard this saying before, but it’s true! When you dampen a sponge, it retains moisture so it can effectively do its job. When you dampen your skin, it works similarly to hold onto water and remain hydrated. By applying moisturizing skin care products to damp skin, you can further the hydration that comes from your shower and keep it locked in place.

And to ensure your skin retains essential hydration, you should follow the “Golden Minute Rule.”

What is the Golden Minute Rule?

The “Golden Minute Rule” simply refers to the first 60 seconds after you step out of the shower or cleanse your face. During that first minute, your skin is still damp and can absorb skin care even better. 

Applying your toner, serum, or moisturizer during the “golden minute” helps encourage your skin to retain all moisture — leaving you with a visibly smoother, more hydrated look. But once the golden minute is up, any leftover moisture from your shower will begin to evaporate, which can result in dehydrated, aging skin that just won’t budge. 

damp skin moisture absorption

Pro tip: if you get distracted and your face begins to dry after the first minute, you can simply refresh your skin with a hydrating facial mist or spray bottle of water to dampen it again.

Needless to say, taking advantage of the “golden minute rule” can increase your skin’s chances of staying hydrated — helping it appear smoother, brighter, and younger overall.

So How Do I Add Skin Care to My Shower Routine? 

post shower skin care routineFollowing the “golden minute rule” should make adding skin care to your shower routine a very simple process. So simple, you can do it in just three steps! Here’s how to easily incorporate your hydrating products into your shower routine:

  1. After getting out of the shower, use a clean washcloth or small towel to pat your face and partially dry your skin. (You don’t want your skin to be dripping wet, but it should be damp enough to feel the moisture.)
  2. Then, immediately apply toner, serum, or moisturizer to your skin before the golden minute is up. (For maximum hydration, you can use all three products!)
  3. End your routine by completing the rest of your skin care regimen, which should include any other serums and sunscreen (if you shower in the morning).

This three-step process is super easy to incorporate into your shower routine and can take you back to the hydrated, youthful appearance you deserve. 

Which Products Should I Use in My Shower Routine?

While some hydrating skin care products can be used
in the shower, you can still enhance your shower routine by sticking to your tried and true products. But, before you can properly hydrate your skin, it’s essential to know what works best for you and your skin type. There are many different moisturizing products online and in-store, but here’s what you should look for based on your own skin:

Dry Skin:

If you struggle with a dry complexion, look for skin care products specifically formulated to
attract water to your skin and reinfuse hydration. A moisturizing hydrogel is always a great option because it works to energize your skin while hydrating it. Plus, when you add the product to your shower routine, it can help diminish the appearance of dark spots and wrinkles for a more youthful look.

moisturizing hydrogel

Blue Defense Hydrogel, $65

Pro tip: one key ingredient you should always look for to combat dryness is Hyaluronic Acid. Hyaluronic Acid is known as the “moisture molecule” and can hold up to six liters of water. So, not only does it give skin a nice hydration boost, but it helps it retain moisture and promotes a “tighter” look and feel, too.

Oily Skin:

If you’re someone who experiences excess oil, you should opt for a concentrated formula that deeply penetrates skin to reveal a
firmer, more hydrated complexion. Made to keep skin looking plump and taut, a powerful water-based serum can restore a youthful-looking appearance while maintaining hydration after your shower. And it will leave you with a healthy, supple feel!

water-based serum

Uplift Firming Serum, $85

Pro tip: when shopping for a new skin care product, you should look for algae or seaweed extracts in the ingredient list (one of our favorites is Laminaria Saccharina, a brown algae extract). The naturally derived ingredient boosts hydration in your skin and visibly smooths texture for an overall younger look.  

Combination Skin:

Finally, if you have combination skin, you should use products formulated to hydrate your skin from
within. A concentrated serum can provide the burst of hydration your skin needs and can even improve the look of fine lines and wrinkles. Not to mention, it helps to firm and smooth skin from the inside out, so you always look and feel your best.

best products for shower routineIntensive Night Serum, $87

Pro tip: one key ingredient that will keep your skin hydrated is a peptide blend (even better — a Hexapeptide Blend). Meant to improve the overall appearance of your skin, it boosts hydration to smooth out visible signs of aging, like sagging and wrinkles.

No matter what skin type you have, applying hydrating products while your skin is still damp will help ensure you maintain younger-looking, radiant skin.

humidifier for skinAnd if you want to take your hydration a step further, you can combine your new shower routine with another effective skincare trick: sleeping with a humidifier at night.

Especially great for the colder months, sleeping with a humidifier will help prevent your skin from becoming dry and dull overnight. Not to mention, this hack will keep moisture in the air around you, so your pores “open” up, and your skin continues to absorb your moisturizers.

The Final Takeaway

Needless to say, an elevated shower routine has the power to transform your skin. Applying hydrating products to your face immediately after your shower will not only keep your complexion moisturized and glowing, but it can help get you back to the youthful appearance you’ve been dreaming of, too. 

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