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Mercury Poisoned Skincare Products on Amazon and eBay

November 29, 2018 By

I want to start by saying that I always have your best interest at heart. Sadly, I cannot say the same for other skincare companies.

Just two weeks ago, dozens of anti-aging products sold on “reputable” e-commerce giants Amazon and eBay were found to contain dangerous levels of mercury.

In the U.S., the legal limit for mercury in skincare is 1 ppm (part per million). But some of the products found on Amazon and eBay contained up to 30,000 ppm.

That’s 30,000 times the legal limit set by the FDA.

However, just because the legal limit is 1 ppm, that doesn’t mean it’s safe. In fact, mercury is banned from skincare in Europe and most of Africa.

Upon discovering the mercury-laden products, 51 international and U.S. public health organizations sent a Public Action Letter to Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos, calling on Amazon to:

“… stop marketing illegal mercury-laden cosmetics on the website.”

And asking them to: “… police its website to ensure that cosmetics found to have mercury levels over 1 part per million (ppm) are no longer offered for sale to your customers worldwide.”

eBay CEO Devin Newig received the same letter.

The dangers of mercury toxicity

mercury poisoning side effects

Mercury can cause skin rashes, discoloration, scarring, and a resistance to infection.

It can also cause kidney and nerve damage that results in numbness of the hands, arms, legs, or feet.

But you’re not the only one that can be affected by the dangers of mercury poisoning…

People can be affected by simply smelling the vapors that mercury-contaminated products emit — or by touching contaminated items like washcloths.

Pregnant women, young children, and pets are especially vulnerable to mercury toxicity.

“It could be as simple as touching someone’s cheek or face,” says Arthur Simone, M.D., a senior medical advisor at the FDA.

That’s why this is incredibly upsetting. Companies like Amazon and eBay should strictly enforce their prohibited item policies to prevent dangerous goods from ever reaching you.

Unfortunately, this is not the case. With the sheer volume of imported skincare sold on these sites, thousands of products slip through the regulatory cracks.

So, if you’ve recently shopped on Amazon or eBay for skincare, I advise you to look over your labels.

Mercury goes by many names — watch out for these variations

To be extra safe, only use skincare products that have a complete ingredients list — either on the product or the packaging.

And immediately throw out any products that contain the following:

Mercury, Hg, mercuric iodide, mercurous chloride, ammoniated mercury, amide chloride of mercury, quicksilver, cinnabaris (mercury sulfide), hydrargyri oxydum rubrum (mercury oxide), or mercury iodide.

China, the Dominican Republic, Lebanon, Mexico, Pakistan, the Philippines, and Thailand are some of the countries that most commonly export products containing mercury.

However, American companies also make products in which mercury has been found. Which leads me to advise…

Only buy from companies you know and trust

The only way to guarantee you and your family’s safety is to buy direct from companies you have a relationship with.

That’s why third-party vendors — even “legitimate” sites like Amazon — never sell City Beauty products. And if you ever do see any City Beauty items on these sites, they’re either counterfeits or sold without our consent.

The only way to buy authentic City Beauty products is directly through our secure website. This way, I can guarantee the products you put on your skin (your largest and most absorbent organ) meet the highest standards.

Plus, when you buy from us directly, you get unparalleled customer support 7 days a week for all your questions or concerns. And you’re fully protected with our 60-day guarantee — which applies to every order, every time.

If you need to reorder City Lips or any other City Beauty products, click here to get them from our official website.

Keeping you informed is very important to me, and I’m always transparent with you.

That’s why I work hard to continuously educate you about the ingredients I put in all my products. I want to make sure you truly know what you’re putting on your skin and why.

After all, your safety and satisfaction are my number one priority. I want you to be happy, beautiful, and healthy!

P.S. What do you think about this news? Are Amazon and eBay being irresponsible and doing a disservice to their customers by not properly regulating the products they sell? Or are there simply too many products to monitor? Tell me in the comments below.
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