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How to Fall In Love in 13 Milliseconds

February 14, 2018 By

A few months ago I went to the Griffith Observatory in Los Angeles… 


And as part of our visit, we were able to go to the Samuel Oschin Planetarium and see one of the performances there.

They project the night sky onto the ceiling and narrate over these stunning images.

I’m telling you, I could stare at that night sky for hours…

It just felt so relaxing and peaceful in there.

And that got me thinking…

What is it about beautiful things like the stars that make us feel so good?

Griffith Observatory skyline view


Well, I looked into it on a whim, and it turns out just looking at something beautiful activates the medial orbital frontal cortex in your brain.


The medial orbital frontal cortex is a key part of your brain’s pleasure system.

Scientists have found that looking at art floods your brain with the feel-good chemical, dopamine.

In fact, they compared it to the feelings you get when you fall in love.

It’s an immediate reaction, and it’s intense!

In fact, your brain can detect something beautiful within 13 milliseconds — before you even realize you’ve looked at it!

So all of this boils down to one important fact, whether we understand it or not:

Looking at beautiful things makes us feel good. 

So with the weekend coming up and this gorgeous weather we’ve been having, I encourage you to do something a little scenic in the next few days.

You’ll feel amazing, accomplished, and perhaps even more beautiful yourself!

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