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3 Creative Ways to Help You Fall Asleep — And Finally Catch Up On Your Beauty Rest!

January 28, 2018 By

All day, you find yourself daydreaming about your bed — just dying to crawl between those sheets and snooze…


You find it nearly impossible to keep your eyes open throughout the day…but when bedtime finally comes, you’re wide awake!

You find your brain in an endless cycle of thinking — when you should be catching those Z’s!

When this happens, it can really take a toll both mentally and physically.

Dark circles under the eyes, paler skin, and uneven skin tone can all come from a night spent tossing and turning.

So, to help combat nights like that, I came up with some quick tips to help you get the most out of your “beauty rest.”

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Tip #1: Dip your face in cold water


Seems backwards, right?

Dunking your face in ice cold water is something you’d usually think of as a refreshing, albeit shocking, way to wake up.

But, if you immerse your face in icy water for 30 seconds, it lowers your heart rate and blood pressure — which helps you sleep!

Plus, the cold water can help restrict blood vessels in the face, reducing any redness you might have.

Which make this tip useful in more than one way!

Tip #2: Get out of bed


I know, you’ve been yearning to get there all day…but staying awake in bed might actually be doing more harm than good.

You see, your brain should associate your bed with sleep, but if you’re lying there wide awake, it won’t make that connection!

So, it’s best to get up and do an activity like writing or drawing for a while.

Once you feel the relaxation start to sink in, you can go back to bed — and drift off quickly and easily.

Tip #3: Blow some bubbles!


Sounds strange, right?

But think about it — blowing soap bubbles is something you might do on a lazy Sunday afternoon, lounging in the grass, watching the day go by.

I’m relaxed already!

Plus, the bubbles are somewhat hypnotic to look at, and blowing them requires you to take deep breaths. Which makes them the perfect sleep aid!

So the next time you find yourself staring at the ceiling when you should be snoozing, try one of these tricks.

I bet you’ll be asleep before you know it.

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