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This Super Calming Stress Relief Technique Only Takes 10 Seconds

April 4, 2018 By

Stress happens. It’s a normal thing that everyone deals with.


But stress becomes a problem when it starts to take over your life… and it’s important to know how to manage it.

Because not only does stress cause an emotional impact on your life… it can also be a major contributing factor to dry skin, acne, and fine lines.

Plus, stress affects the quality of your sleep, which can cause issues like dullness and under-eye bags.

Now, there are many different methods to help keep your stress levels in check… but there’s no “one size fits all” method.

Meditation, exercise, deep breathing, or taking a nice bubble bath can all be effective…

But, there isn’t always time to do those things, so I came up with a quick way to help reduce your stress levels so you can get on with your day.

My Easy “10 Second Stress Reducer”


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Here’s what you do.

First, vigorously rub your hands together for about 10 seconds. (Just long enough to warm them up.)

Then, place them over your eyes and keep them there until your hands cool down again.

Putting your hands over your eyes will help you take a step back and remove you from your current situation. And the darkness and warmth will help you relax and gain some perspective.

It may help you to visualize someplace that calms you.

Now, rubbing your hands together might make you look a little silly, but it’ll have the benefit of giving you (and those around you) a bit of a chuckle. Plus, smiling and laughing are good ways to reduce stress levels!

This a quick fix for those times when you can’t manage your stress levels and you don’t have time for anything else.

So, when you feel like the world is crashing down around you, remember this tip.

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